Author: Will Shelton

What is 7-5 Worth?

May is often the longest month for college football fans. And around here, this May falls in place behind the quietest spring practice I can remember. Basketball continues to own an unusual percentage of the conversation; it comes with the territory of the third-highest paying contract in the game and […]

Rick Barnes

Basketball School

The last sentence of the last thing I wrote about Tennessee on Friday was, “There is as much reason to believe in Tennessee basketball right now than at any point in my lifetime.” This was immediately tested, of course. The point of that piece on Friday was to not pretend […]

Kyle Alexander

Something Something Bruce Pearl

Starting with the regular season finale against the Vols, Auburn hit 108 threes in eight consecutive games – a ridiculous 13.5 per – including 15 against Tennessee in the SEC Tournament Championship and 17 against North Carolina in the Sweet 16. Then they beat Kentucky while hitting only 7-of-23 (30.4%) […]

What’s Next?

It’s a credit to what Rick Barnes and these players have built that, in the immediate aftermath of Purdue’s win, I could google 2020 NCAA Tournament sites with a straight face. (The regions aren’t friendly – New York, LA, Indianapolis, and Houston – but the Final Four is in Atlanta.) […]