GRT 2023 Bowl Pick ‘Em

Congrats to longtime friend of the blog birdjam for taking home the 2023 regular season picks contest trophy! It was a really tight race this season, with his 2,309 confidence points narrowly eclipsing boro wvvol (2,302) and wedflatrock (2,301). Full Top 10 at the bottom of this post.

We’re on to the postseason (and Orlando!). You can find our bowl pick ’em back at Fun Office Pools; previous players should’ve received an email invite today. Find us in the comments if you have any questions – good luck out there!

Regular Season Top 10

  1. birdjam 2309
  2. boro wvvol 2302
  3. wedflatrock 2301
  4. UNDirish60 2295
  5. PAVolFan 2292
  6. Jahiegel 2282
  7. cnyvol 2276
  8. joeb_1 2259
  9. TennRebel 2254
  10. jfarrar90 2251
  11. mmmjtx 2251

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6 months ago

Thanks to you guys for running the pool again this year! It was a fun one. Was nervously refreshing the standings Saturday when each game went final!

Go Vols!

6 months ago

Well done birdjam. Thanks Will for the hard work and making the season enjoyable. Best for the holidays.