Author: Will Shelton

Neyland Stadium

The Baseline Reading

The Vols opened +1.5 against Pittsburgh, making Saturday’s contest an excellent initial reading for the program Josh Heupel is seeking to build. Many of us have talked about how it feels like Lane Kiffin’s Week 2 test against UCLA a dozen years ago – more on that in a moment […]

What Is Possible Today

Pandemic, month whatever, and the thing I’ve found most helpful during these crazy days still comes from March of 2020: If you want idiot optimism, of course, we have that too. We also spent a lot of time before, during, and immediately following the transition from Pruitt and Fulmer to […]


GRT 2021 Picks Contest

It’s back, and this time a full slate of games every week! Hey now! It’s the 2021 Gameday on Rocky Top picks contest, once again from our longtime friends at Fun Office Pools. It’s free to play – you can join our group right here. As always, the pool uses […]