Author: Will Shelton

Best Available Blueprint

March approaches. Tennessee is holding firm on the three line in the Bracket Matrix, with clear divisions emerging among the top ten teams. At this point it would be a surprise to see something other than the current groupings in the matrix on the one and two lines, plus Kansas […]

A Song About Tennessee

Just on the basketball side of things, just for a moment. Tennessee has now beaten #3 Kansas, #10 Texas, and #1 Alabama. It’s February 15. That’s good, because last year’s team beat #6 Arizona, #4 Kentucky, #3 Auburn, then #5 Kentucky again for good measure. In 2019, the Vols beat […]

Three-Point Shooting in the Barnes Era

Start going back through Tennessee’s best shooting games under Rick Barnes, and you discover very quickly how much we enjoy playing Arkansas: UT’s Best Three-Point Shooting Games (10+ Makes, 2018-23) 2022 Arkansas: 12-of-18 (66.7%) 2018 Arkansas: 11-of-17 (64.7%) 2019 Arkansas: 11-of-18 (61.1%) 2022 Longwood: 14-of-24 (58.3%) 2023 Mississippi State: 12-of-21 […]

Best Is Not Bulletproof

Even with the loss at Florida, the Vols are projected to finish the regular season at 25-6 (14-4) in both Torvik and KenPom. In recent history, that number would be topped only by 2000 (24-5), 2008 (28-3), and 2019 (27-4). Of course, that probably doesn’t make Wednesday’s loss feel much […]