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Neyland Stadium

The Good Old Days

And what you learn along the way is, these little moments are always available. Your team doesn’t have to win it all before they can do something meaningful, before we can enjoy them. Whenever I hear people asking if this – right now – is as good as it’s ever […]

It’s Steep Out Here

There is no hurt like “we had a chance to win it all” hurt. The pain is a privilege. This, of course, was not, “Tennessee fans think they have a chance to win it all, but…”. These baseball Vols were number one for months, consistently the best in a way […]

Success, Relatively Speaking

One of the most interesting and most difficult questions to answer right now is, “What is a successful outcome for this Tennessee baseball team?” When you’ve been number one for months and you find yourself in best. team. ever. conversations, there’s a version of this answer that goes national championship […]

Let It Fly.

Two years ago, Grant Williams entered Game 7 against Toronto with seven minutes to play. This was in the bubble, where things felt like they mattered more because there were fewer other sports to matter at the time. Gordon Hayward was hurt, and Daniel Theis was in foul trouble, so […]