Hat Guy’s expectations for the Vols’ 2023 season: UPDATED (post-Georgia)

Tennessee lost its chance at the SEC East two weeks ago with a clunker against Missouri and then followed it up with another against Georgia Saturday. What remains is a regular-season closer against 0-7 Vanderbilt and a bowl game. Most are projecting a trip to the Gator Bowl against North Carolina or NC State. For those making Christmas plans, the Gator Bowl is in Jacksonville, Florida on December 29 at 2:00 p.m. Just remember, it’s not official yet.

For the record, here are the current SEC East standings.

Georgia 8-0
Missouri 5-2
Tennessee 3-4
Kentucky 3-5
Florida 3-5
South Carolina 3-5
Vanderbilt 0-7

Season Resume: Tennessee and Hat Guy

Here’s how Hat Guy has done so far this year and how he views the Vanderbilt game.

Preseason W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 (Bye) W7 W8 W9 W10 W11 W12
VA TN -36 TN 49-13
AP TN 30-13
FL TN -13 FL 29-16
UTSA TN -8 TN 45-14
SC TN -15 TN 41-20
TAMU TAMU -14 TN -1.5 TN 20-13
AL AL -7 AL -3.8 TN -2.1 AL 34-20
KY KY -8 TN -7.7 TN -10.7 TN -6.2 TN 33-27
UCONN TN -32 TN -28 TN -26 TN -25.1 TN -21.7 TN 59-3
MO MO -3 TN -10.5 TN -4.2 MO -2.6 MO -1.6 TN -2.4 GA 36-7
GA GA -6 GA -8.8 GA -6.3 GA -9.3 GA -13.3 GA -8.1 GA -15.4 GA 38-10
VAN TN -17 TN -26.9 TN -25.7 TN -22.9 TN -29.8 TN -27.9 TN -26.6

The Alabama and Missouri games were essentially toss-ups that the Vols instead lost big. Florida remains the shocker, as the Vols were fairly heavy favorites heading into that loss. The Georgia game, well, Tennessee was expected to lose, just not expected to be so inept, especially on offense.

For the sake of posterity, here are the records and schedules for the Vols and their future and past opponents:

Tennessee Volunteers

The Vols’ future opponents


The Vols’ past opponents


Austin Peay



South Carolina

Texas A&M






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