Gameday on Rocky Top 2022 Bowl Pick ‘Em

Congrats to longtime friend of the blog birdjam, who takes home our regular season pick ’em prize by a healthy margin. His 2,181 confidence points earned first place by 54 points over PAVolFan in a hotly contested battle for second place. Also, shout out to birdjam, cnyvol, spartans100, and aaron217, all of whom hit 70+% in picking games straight up this year.

The Top 10 from the regular season is at the bottom of this post – we now turn our attention to the postseason, where 40+ bowl games await. Our bowl pick ’em is now live and free to play at Fun Office Pools. If you’re new with us, we pick each bowl game straight up using confidence points: 42 points assigned to the bowl you feel most confident in, one point for the bowl you feel least confident in, etc. It’s free to play and lots of fun – you can join at the link, and leave any questions in the comments below.

Regular Season Pick ‘Em Top 10

  1. birdjam – 2,181 points
  2. PAVolFan – 2,127
  3. wedflatrock – 2,125
  4. UNDirish60 – 2,123
  5. aaron217 – 2,122
  6. cnyvol – 2,120
  7. jeremy.waldroop – 2,102
  8. Jahiegel – 2,097
  9. spartans100 – 2,092
  10. jfarrar90 – 2,078

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1 month ago

birdjam checking in. Nice to return to the top again. Thanks to Will, Joel, and everyone who has run this thing over the years. I have really enjoyed it.

1 month ago
Reply to  HT

Congratulations birdjam from 1st loser PaVolFan. Another fun year, thanks again Will for your hard work. GO VOLS!