2021 SEC Projected Records and Standings

In case you missed it last Friday, we’re inviting our readers behind the curtain to participate in the production of this year’s annual preseason football content. For the next week or two, we’ll be giving you an opportunity to weigh in on the projected records and standings for the SEC.

The end goal here is projected standings for each division of the SEC, but we don’t want to just jump to the finish line on the question. Instead, we’ll walk through the schedule for each team and make an educated guess as to the outcome of each game. That gives us each team’s projected record (and also any necessary head-to-head tiebreakers) from which we then determine projected division standings.

Regular readers will recognize the Expected Win Total Machine below. It doesn’t ask for wins and losses, but instead your level of confidence for a win in the form of some number out of 100. Think of it as a percentage (but don’t include a percentage symbol in your answer or the machine will complain). For instance, if you feel really good about Tennessee beating Bowling Green in the season opener, you’ll put something like 90 or 95 in the Bowling Green input field. If you feel really bad about Tennessee’s chances against Alabama, you’ll put something like 5 or 10 next to that game. When you’re finished, hit the submit button, and the machine will spit your projected win total back at you. It will also log your game-by-game entries into our system so we can come up with community numbers we’ll use for the preseason content.

We’ll compile that data into a fan expected win total and include that number in the preseason content. We’ll also convert it into expected wins and losses and use it to come up with projected records for each SEC team and standings for each division.

This is a Vols community, so we’re going to start with Tennessee just to get our feet wet. Here’s how it’s going to work:

Let’s get started. Here’s the link to the first form. We will add the other teams periodically over the next week or so.

If you haven’t weighed in on the Power Rankings yet, you can do that here:

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