Help us write a Vols football preseason publication: 2021 Power Rankings

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Yes, 2021 is a Season of Change for the Tennessee Volunteers football program, and we’re turning to face the strange ourselves with this year’s preseason publication. We’re inviting you along for the process, asking for input on several key pieces of content.

First up is our Preseason College Football Power Rankings. We don’t usually publish these in any form, but use them primarily as a building block for much of the rest of the publication. Previews, projected records and standings, the stock watch, and other content depend to some degree on the Power Rankings.

The Power Rankings are compiled first using a formula, and then subjected to human overrides, which is where we (and you) come in.

Here’s the first draft, the formula-only results. It’s a baseline, and now it’s up to us to tell it where it’s wrong.

Don’t let us over-influence you, but here are some of the teams we’re thinking may be ranked too high:

  • Texas A&M
  • Florida
  • Oregon
  • Wisconsin
  • Texas
  • BYU!
  • Northwestern!

And here’s a list of teams that are currently looking too low to us:

  • Iowa State
  • Michigan
  • Ole Miss
  • Louisiana
  • LSU

If you have any opinions, leave them below.

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Isaac Bishop
Isaac Bishop
10 days ago

Pretty good list. There might be a few changes I’d suggest. Of course I wouldn’t value my opinions too high lol. Moving down: Florida to 15-20 level Nothing concrete to feel better about a subpar defense. Losing a lot of offensive firepower. Getting Arik Gilbert to fill in for Kyle Pitts would’ve been huge, but that didn’t happen. Not saying they won’t be good, but I don’t see them being top ten. Notre Dame to 15-20 level Lost Ian Book and some good O linemen. They return some good running production, but that will depend on who’s going to open… Read more »

Last edited 10 days ago by Isaac Bishop
2 days ago

ESPN released their “FPI” rankings recently. While I don’t trust any metric where they don’t tell you the recipe (well, I trust Win Shares but Bill James has earned that trust and ESPN certainly hasn’t), they had Mississippi State ranked 8th in the country for some reason. Your system ranking them 53rd makes a lot more sense to me. As for the rest, I apologize but between it being April and the near-total apathy that last season (or the last 13?) has finally driven me to, my knowledge of the sport may be at an all-time low.