2020 Gameday on Rocky Top Picks Contest

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It’s a weird year, but hey, there’s college football this week! For the first time in the history of our contest, prepare to pick every FBS vs FBS game on the schedule this week!

Our free picks pool is back at Fun Office Pools. If you’ve played in previous years, you should’ve received an email this afternoon with an invite. You can also join with a free account at Fun Office Pools by clicking here.

Normally, we pick 20 games each week straight up with confidence points: place 20 points on the outcome you’re most confident in, 1 point on the outcome you’re least confident in, etc. This year we’ll start with five games this week, then expand next week, and go from there.

If you have any questions, you can leave them here in the comments. The picks contest is one of my favorite things to do all year; there was a strange sense of, “Hey, this season might actually happen!” in putting it together. Hope you find some fun in these crazy times from this pool too.

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27 days ago

Can’t believe I made it to September. Hey Will….great to get Fun Office Pool Picks emails from you. GO VOLS!!!