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A Song About Tennessee

Just on the basketball side of things, just for a moment. Tennessee has now beaten #3 Kansas, #10 Texas, and #1 Alabama. It’s February 15. That’s good, because last year’s team beat #6 Arizona, #4 Kentucky, #3 Auburn, then #5 Kentucky again for good measure. In 2019, the Vols beat […]

Three-Point Shooting in the Barnes Era

Start going back through Tennessee’s best shooting games under Rick Barnes, and you discover very quickly how much we enjoy playing Arkansas: UT’s Best Three-Point Shooting Games (10+ Makes, 2018-23) 2022 Arkansas: 12-of-18 (66.7%) 2018 Arkansas: 11-of-17 (64.7%) 2019 Arkansas: 11-of-18 (61.1%) 2022 Longwood: 14-of-24 (58.3%) 2023 Mississippi State: 12-of-21 […]

Best Is Not Bulletproof

Even with the loss at Florida, the Vols are projected to finish the regular season at 25-6 (14-4) in both Torvik and KenPom. In recent history, that number would be topped only by 2000 (24-5), 2008 (28-3), and 2019 (27-4). Of course, that probably doesn’t make Wednesday’s loss feel much […]