WATCH Josh Dobbs on Jon Gruden’s QB Camp (full episode)

So it’s no secret that we’re fans of Jon Gruden around here. Or that we’re big fans of Josh Dobbs. So when I first started seeing that Gruden was going to feature Dobbs on one of his Quarterback Camp episodes, I was excited to see it. I had a bit of time to watch yesterday while waiting in a parking lot to pick up my daughter, and I sat there for almost the entire episode.

I love this stuff anyway, and the fact that it’s Gruden and Dobbs, Dobbs and Gruden just makes it all that much better. And the cherry on top? Gruden assigning the Florida spy guy to “defend” Dobbs during their drills. And the props the guy gives Dobbs afterwards saying essentially that the Gators knew during last year’s game that they had to force Dobbs to win the game through the air. Which he did.

So do yourself a favor and set aside about a half hour to watch all of this thing. You won’t be disappointed.

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