Quinten Dormady and Brandon Johnson

Vols video roundup: Players and assistant coaches talk UMass, Georgia

Quinten Dormady and Brandon Johnson, talking to the media this afternoon: (highlights: What was Dormady told when Jones put Guarantano in; the necessity for speedy execution due to Georgia’s speedy defensive ends; how much zone read to Dormady do in high school; what caused the lack of passion in the UMass game, and what are they doing to make sure it doesn’t happen Saturday; how different was it without Jashon Robertson; how confident is Brandon coming out of a solid UMass game and heading into Georgia; where has Dormady made the most progress; what’s holding the offense back after a good start; what have you seen from the Georgia defense on video; why do you think Tennessee struggles on first down; how much experience does Dormady have going against a 3-4 defensive scheme; how much do you practice taking snaps under center; what about throws off the back foot):

Defensive end Kyle Phillips, talking to the media this afternoon (do you take confidence into this game, having beaten Georgia the past two years; what did he think about the passion and energy during the UMass game; how much have you learned about Georgia’s offensive line; how much have you thought about how important this game is to the SEC division standings; how do you feel about how the pass rush is going so far this season; last few games have been close, do you expect this one to be close; are you playing with more confidence now; does how last season ended help you focus this season; what have you seen from Jake Fromm so far; how much of a difference maker is Shy Tuttle; what has coach Jones been like since the UMass game; where does this group of Georgia running backs compare to others he’s seen):

Charlton Warren, with the media this afternoon (how close are the young guys to being ready to play; how happy he is with Rashaan Gaulden and his leadership; is Gaulden’s timing on blitzes instinct; how is Nigel Warrior doing;

And Bob Shoop this afternoon (what was bad against UMass, what was good; getting seven sacks was good; it was a win; how much has the secondary been tested (not much; they have as much depth at running back as he’s ever seen); how do you slow down tight end Isaac Nauta; linebackers; how has pass rush gone so far; Rashaan Gaulden’s blitzing; how did Shaq Wiggins do against UMass; how much has Daniel Bituli progressed; this is the best Georgia team he’s seen; who can help us, who can hurt us; we have to get Neyland rocking to welcome Fromm to his first SEC road game;

And Larry Scott (we have to play better; three offensive line combinations in first half against UMass; what impresses you about Georgia’s defense (big, physical, deep, they know what they’re doing); how confusing can their front be (they play various fronts); two positive plays under center, will you use it more (it’s what the defense allows); what is the identity of the offense right now (we want to play our style, be physical, run the ball, want to be able to throw when needed; we want to be tough); how do you adjust for having so many tight ends out (next man up); Callaway had only one target, why (he was doubled a lot, but we have to expand his role and getting more targets); progress on receivers being on same page as QB (good to see Byrd out there getting reps);

Highlights of yesterday’s press conference, including the one word that describes Georgia (spoiler: it’s “complete”):

I posted this already this morning, but it’s worth another look to remind us that, despite how they looked against UMass last week, Tennessee is likely to come out and give Georgia a game:

Brett Kendrick and Kendal Vickers on what happened last week and what to look for against Georgia this week:

And just because I haven’t posted it anywhere yet, here’s the part of yesterday’s press conference that got everybody talking:

And on a lighter note, Iowa’s new tradition of taking time out to wave to the kids in the nearby hospital is really cool:

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