Vols video roundup: Peyton, the Wolf bros, and John Kelly runs through noodles

Peyton, wearing that same Cutter & Buck polo he always wears on Rocky Top (hey, I have one, too; it’s a nice shirt), has some words of wisdom for the team:

The Wolf brothers enjoy a little air time on ESPN talking about Eli’s shiny new scholly:

Hey, look! It’s John Kelly running through a giant bowl of pasta in super slo-mo!

It’s also nice to see some practice by the d-line against that nasty cut-block stuff.

And more practice highlights from this afternoon, including the dreaded green rubberbands:

Brett Kendrick, Micah Abernathy, and Trevor Daniel talk to reporters after practice this afternoon:

Did you miss Derek Barnett’s third sack last night? Here ’tis:

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