Vols video roundup: “Outlaw the cut block!”

“Outlaw the cut block, that’s No. 1!”

Reece Davis says that we Vols just need to stay the course:

10 days, y’all:

Coach Jones after yesterday’s practice, emphasizing the D in DAT:

Ethan Wolf, who is apparently solar-powered, and Cortez McDowell, also after practice yesterday:

Aaaaand Jason Robertson, with a certain seriousness and a certain focus:

Some practice highlights, including defensive linemen practicing technique verses cut blocks:

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Andrew Cooper
Andrew Cooper

This does raise the question, “Why isn’t cut blocking illegal?” Come on. Intentionally going after a player’s knees when knee injuries are probably the most common serious injury in the game just seems like a stupid thing to allow. Disallowing this tactic would likely cut down on injuries a bit. That seems like a good idea.