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If you read only one thing about the Vols today . . .

. . . make it this, from The Athletic:

I think this was actually written before the game, but it’s evergreen and so, so good.

Other Vols stuff worth reading today

  1. Everything Jeremy Pruitt said after Vols beat Missouri, via 247Sports
  2. Pruitt: Bowl-bound Vols ‘headed in the right direction’, via 247Sports
  3. Guarantano reflects on ‘death threats,’ adversity after win, via 247Sports
  4. Warrior credits frank Pruitt meeting for changing Vols’ season, via 247Sports
  5. Guarantano on plans for next season: ‘I’m a Tennessee Vol’, via 247Sports
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8 months ago

regarding the guarantano piece, i can’t believe some people (usually grown adults) actually go through the process of sending death threats to a collegiate athlete. makes me ashamed that a vol fan would do that. as with anything, it’s the 0.01% that make us all look bad. it could be another representation of the hypocrisy of the ncaa and the huge (financial) responsibility that these kids have on them. obviously this post could be a 1000 page thesis, but dude come on, stop with the twitter and personal attacks to these kids.