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If you read only one thing about the Vols today . . .

. . . make it this, from 247Sports:

Other Vols stuff worth reading today

  1. Georgia 44 Tennessee 21: No Straight Lines, via Gameday on Rocky Top
  2. Pruitt laments Vols’ turnovers as difference in loss to Georgia, via 247Sports
  3. Pruitt says in week ahead, Vols will find out who they are, via 247Sports
  4. Pruitt on loss: ‘This really pisses me off, just to be honest’, via 247Sports
  5. Update your expectations with the 2020 GRT Expected Win Total Machine, via Gameday on Rocky Top
  6. Tennessee Vols statistical ranking trends – After Week 6, via Gameday on Rocky Top
  7. Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast – Episode 169 – They’re just better, via Gameday on Rocky Top

Behind the paywalls

  • How Tennessee’s early hope at Georgia turned into a humbling loss, via The Athletic
  • Tennessee’s O-line struggles, a goal-line stand and more takeaways from Georgia, via The Athletic

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