Alvin Kamara

Vols running back Alvin Kamara goes 67th overall to the New Orleans Saints in 2017 NFL Draft (with highlights)

VFL Alvin Kamara was the second Tennessee player to hear his name called at the 2017 NFL Draft. Kamara was just selected by New Orleans with the draft’s 67th overall pick. As we said earlier, he and Barnett were the first Tennessee players to be selected in the draft since Ja’Wuan James, Zach Fulton, and Daniel McCullers were taken back in 2014. 

Kamara spent two terrific years at Tennessee, mostly as the “second” back in a system that featured Jalen Hurd until he quit the team midseason last fall. Kamara, who had always been versatile and utilized in a variety of productive ways by the offensive playcallers, picked up the slack after Hurd departed and finished the season with 596 rushing yards and 392 receiving yards. All told, he tallied nearly 1,300 yards rushing, nearly 700 yards receiving, and 24 touchdowns, including one on a punt return. The guy was a key cog in the machine even as second fiddle when he probably should have been the starter.

We are so happy for Kamara. We’ll miss him in orange, but we’ll be happy to watch him have great success on Sundays. 

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