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Vols quarterback Joshua Dobbs selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the fourth round of 2017 NFL Draft (with highlights)

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VFL and NCAA poster boy for brainy student-athletes everywhere Joshua Dobbs was just selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers with the draft’s 135th overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft. Nice Guys everywhere, rejoice. We don’t always finish last.

Dobbs’ played in 37 games over the course of his Tennessee career. He was pressed into action his first two seasons after injuries to the starters, but his early experience paid off in the form of several incredibly productive seasons as a Volunteers. His 3,781 yards of total offense last season ranks second in Tennessee history. Who’s first? Why, Peyton Manning, of course, although he only beat Dobbs by a mere eight yards. Makes you wonder whether Manning would have given him that advice if he had displaced him in the record books.

For his career, Dobbs had 7,138 passing yards (fifth in Tennessee history) and 2,160 rushing yards (first in Tennessee history for a quarterback). His 9,360 yards of total offense is third in Tennessee history behind Manning and Casey Clausen.

It could not make us any happier to see Dobbs get drafted into the NFL. A super-smart, incredibly good guy (one example: Josh Dobbs and A.J., Ice-Cream Men) who was doubted for much of his career and underappreciated for most of the rest of it, he suddenly started getting the attention he deserved by NFL analysts just a couple of months ago. Look, Jon Gruden isn’t the only one who loves the guy. (And Gruden is all about comparing Dobbs to Dak Prescott, and you know what he did in the NFL last year.) He may not have gone as high as the recent hype suggested he might, but that just means that he’s going to have to prove everyone wrong again.

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This highlight video takes a while to get going, but hang in there, because once it starts the actual highlights, it’s good.

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