Who’s that monster on the Tennessee offensive line?

Offensive tackle Marcus Tatum on fellow Tennessee Volunteer offensive tackle Trey Smith:

“He’s just a monster. There’s nothing more to it,” Tatum said. “He’s been blessed with size and strength and smarts, and there’s nothing else you can really ask for out of a five-star. He’s one of the most humble five-stars I’ve ever met. I usually don’t really like five-stars, ‘cause they’re kind of cocky and stuff, but he’s just humble. You can never tell [by his actions] that he was a five-star.

“And he’s just a very talented player.”

Hey, good teammates will be good teammates, but this doesn’t appear to be praise offered out of a self-instilled sense of obligation. This appears genuine and heartfelt. And no wonder. Trey Smith is the highest-rated recruit in Tennessee’s 17th-ranked class. He’s No. 14 overall in the Class of 2017 and the No. 4 offensive tackle. And best of all, he’s humble, which to me, translates as “coachable.”

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