Tennessee Vols statistical rankings after Charlotte

What you’re hoping to see here is progress, both from 2017 and from the end of the difficult October slate to last week’s Homecoming game.


This is a mixed bag, at least when comparing post-Charlotte to post-Gauntlet. Some slight positive movement in the passing game is balanced out by some slight negative movement in most other offensive categories. When the red and orange starts stair-stepping into the greens, your team is getting worse.

On the other hand, when you compare to 2017, it’s nice to see “half green” instead of “one green.”


Now this is more like it. Modest improvement this week across the board on defense, with the exception of Red Zone Defense. Rushing Defense is significantly better this year than last, as is the team’s ability to generate interceptions and stop opposing offenses on third down. Total Defense and First Downs Defense are both quite a bit better already in Jeremy Pruitt’s first year. The team does still need work in the red zone.

Special Teams

Turnovers and Penalties

Those six turnovers against Florida continue to haunt this season.

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