Tennessee Vols statistical ranking trends – after UAB

After winning three of the last four games, how are the Vols’ statistical rankings trending now?


Currently doing well: Passing Yards per Completion

Needs attention: Total Offense, Passes Had Intercepted, Red Zone Offense, 4th Down Conversion Pct

Climbed out of the Bottom 30: Nothing

Fell out of the Top 30: Nothing

Climbed into the Top 30: Nothing

Fell into the Bottom 30: Nothing

I’m calling that “status quo.” Only minor movement, including in the categories we want to see improvement. Is it possible that UAB really does have a good defense, or are the Vols stuck in the mud? Tune in next week!


Currently doing well: Intercepting passes, 4th Down Conversion Pct Defense

Needs attention: Same as last week — First Downs Defense, 3rd Down Conversion Pct Defense, Tackles for Loss

Climbed out of the Bottom 30: Nothing in the Bottom 30 last week

Fell out of the Top 30: Nothing.

Climbed into the Top 30: 4th Down Conversion Pct Defense

Fell into the Bottom 30: Team Tackles for Loss

Don’t look now, but this team is elite at intercepting passes. Woo. The only real bad news here is the lack of improvement on first downs, third downs, and TFLs. UAB did max protect most of the night, though, so the TFL number isn’t exactly unexpected.

Special Teams

Currently doing well: Punt Returns (woo!), Kickoff Return Defense, Blocked Punts (woo!!), Blocked Kicks

Needs attention: Net Punting, Kickoff Returns, Punt Return Defense

Again with The Weirdness. On special teams, Tennessee’s extremely good at some things and not very good at all at others.

Turnovers and Penalties

Currently doing well: Turnovers Gained

Needs attention: Turnovers lost

On turnovers, the news isn’t terrible overall, but with the team intercepting passes like me at a candy store, a national Turnover Margin ranking of only 49th means something is equally as bad. See “Turnovers Lost” next to that “99.”

Penalties appeared to improve this week.

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