Tennessee-Vanderbilt: Head-to-head statistical rankings

Below is a look at Tennessee’s national stat rankings side-by-side with the counterpart rankings for the Vanderbilt Commodores. Bottom line for this week: The Vols offense should have more of the same kind of success this week against Vandy that they had last week against Missouri, and the Tennessee defense should have its way with a struggling Commodores offense.

Details below.

When the Vols have the ball

Where’s the opportunity?

Even with Tennessee’s season-long offensive numbers not being especially good, there do appear to be slight advantages in most places against Vandy’s defense. The biggest opportunity looks to be passing the ball, at least when you account for more than just yards. (“Passing Efficiency” is based on passing yards, completion percentage, TDs, and INTs.)

Where’s the danger?

Statistically speaking, it’s on 4th down, but that’s a spurious stat not to be overly concerned with. Something to actually be wary of is Tennessee’s Red Zone Offense versus Vandy’s Red Zone Defense. Things could get hairy there.

Gameplan for the Vols on offense

The Missouri gameplan of Jarrett Guarantano throwing to Jauan Jennings, Marquez Callaway, and Josh Palmer should work nicely here and should result in more than 24 points to boot.

Vols on defense

Where’s the opportunity?

Literally everywhere except tackles for loss. Tennessee’s advantage on defense isn’t just widespread and across the board, it’s deep. Vandy’s offense is TERRIBLE.

Where’s the danger?

Um . . . complacency?

Gameplan for the Vols on defense

Remember the 38-13 loss to Vandy last year. And the 42-24 loss the year before that. And the 45-34 loss in 2016. Don’t get complacent, and right all of those wrongs in one game this weekend.

Special teams

The biggest opportunity here is probably with Callaway returning punts. I’d love to see him get another punt return TD in his final game at Neyland.

Turnovers and penalties

The teams are about the same as far as penalties go, and the turnovers appear to be a bit of a wash. Vandy doesn’t really turn the ball over, but they don’t really force turnovers, either. Don’t let that change this game.

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