Jajuan Jennings

Tennessee Takeover Day on the SEC Network is July 18

The SEC Network has announced that Tuesday, July 18 is Tennessee Takeover Day, a day for which the Vols “will exclusively program 24-hours of the network with classic games, films, ESPN original content and school-produced content.” During a two-week span, each of the 14 SEC schools gets to take the network hostage and use the platform for its own propaganda, and the 18th belongs to the Big Orange.

So what will the Vols choose to show the world with its own 24 hours? The only thing currently listed on the article announcing the Takeover schedule is the 2016 Tennessee-Florida game, which is certainly a great start. I’d expect the Georgia game as well. And maybe the Battle at Bristol or a nostalgic trip back to 2007, 2001, or 1998. Toss in a bit of recruiting news, add in a few sprinkles of Peyton name-dropping and an NFL Draft roundup, and we’d have a nice day. If we could manage the day without Paul Finebaum, that would be a nice cherry on top, but we won’t get greedy.

If you were in charge of programming for the day, what would you serve up?

Whatever the case, expect an awesome 24 hours of orange-tinted goodness. We’ll be watching for sure.


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