SPM picks: Week 14

After a stretch of five-of-six weeks well over 50%, the SPM has now been under .500 two weeks in a row and is trying to get its groove back. Last week, it went 25-29 (46.30%) overall, 9-10 (47.37%) over the confidence threshold, and 7-6 (53.85%) on its favorites.

For the season, the SPM is now 326-313 (51.02%) overall, 136-106 (56.20%) over the confidence threshold, and 80-48 (62.50%) for the favorites.

Meanwhile, SP+ crushed it again last week, going 32-22-4 (59%) overall. It’s sitting pretty at 55% for the season.

SPM favorite picks this week

Here are the SPM’s favorite picks for this week: