SPM picks: Week 12

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Tennessee’s off again this week, so I figured we’d use this spot for an SPM update and its favorite picks for the week.

The SPM’s performance so far in 2019

This week, the SPM went 25-23 (52.08%) overall. When the difference between the SPM spread and the Vegas spread was over a certain pre-determined number (the “confidence threshold”), the SPM was 12-5 (70.59%), and when the difference was over that number but under another pre-determined number (the “confidence range”), the SPM was 7-2 (77.78%).

For the season, the SPM is now 277-257 (51.87%) overall, 121-89 (57.62%) over the confidence threshold, and 70-37 (65.42%) in the confidence range.

SP+ finished last week at 26-22 (54.17%) and is still 55% on the season. Our SPM has had its legs for over a month now, but it still hasn’t caught up to SP+ for the season.

SPM favorite picks this week

Here are the SPM’s favorite picks for this week:

What do y’all think?

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Gavin Driskill
Gavin Driskill
7 months ago

I think if I’d been playing the confidence range this season…I’d be pretty pleased with the results 🙂