How to watch the Vols like a pro: GRT’s Week 3 college football TV schedule

I’m not sure why CBS would have chosen Georgia-South Carolina over Tennessee-Florida for its 3:30 time slot today, but I’m glad they did. This is the last year of CBS getting first dibs, by the way. For big games, I’ll miss the music, but not much else. Verne hasn’t been calling those games for seven years now. I like Nessler, but the play-by-play guys haven’t been the issue for me. I don’t even remember (and can’t find) the color analyst before Danielson, but whoever it was, I liked him better. 🙂 And no, it’s not because Danielson says bad things about my team; it’s because he’s rude to his play-by-play, talking over him, correcting him, etc. Oh, look! I’m on a tangent!

Anyway, we have the prime time 7:00 p.m. ESPN slot with Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstriet tonight for the big Vols-Gators game, so woo. As appetizers, we also have a handful of noon games for ranked teams we’d like to see upset and the aforementioned South Carolina-Georgia game on CBS at 3:30. Will is likely rooting for Georgia in this one because he wants both teams to be undefeated when they meet in November. I’ll be pulling for the Gamecocks because I want to win the East and I’d like to have some cushion, please and thank you. Who do y’all root for in this one?

The full GRT college football TV schedule for the week is at the bottom of the post, but first is our suggested viewing schedule curated just for Vols fans.

Gameday, September 16, 2023

Away Home Time TV
15 Kansas State Missouri 12:00 PM SECN
3 Florida State Boston College 12:00 PM ABC
7 Penn State Illinois 12:00 PM FOX
14 LSU Mississippi State 12:00 PM ESPN
South Carolina 1 Georgia 3:30 PM CBS
11 Tennessee Florida 7:00 PM ESPN

Full searchable college football TV schedule

Here’s the entire searchable and sortable college football TV schedule for this week:

9/14/23 Navy Memphis 7:30 PM ESPN
9/15/23 Virginia Maryland 7:00 PM FS1
9/15/23 Army UTSA 7:00 PM ESPN
9/15/23 Utah State Air Force 8:00 PM CBSSN
9/16/23 Florida State Boston College 12:00 PM ABC
9/16/23 Georgia Southern Wisconsin 12:00 PM BTN
9/16/23 Iowa State Ohio 12:00 PM ESPNU
9/16/23 Penn State Illinois 12:00 PM FOX
9/16/23 Liberty Buffalo 12:00 PM CBSSN
9/16/23 Kansas State Missouri 12:00 PM SECN
9/16/23 Louisville Indiana 12:00 PM BTN
9/16/23 Wake Forest Old Dominion 12:00 PM ESPN2
9/16/23 LSU Mississippi State 12:00 PM ESPN
9/16/23 Massachusetts Eastern Michigan 2:00 PM ESPN+
9/16/23 Central Michigan Notre Dame 2:30 PM Peacock
9/16/23 Alabama South Florida 3:30 PM ABC
9/16/23 South Carolina Georgia 3:30 PM CBS
9/16/23 East Carolina Appalachian State 3:30 PM ESPN+
9/16/23 Florida International Connecticut 3:30 PM CBSSN
9/16/23 Northwestern Duke 3:30 PM ACCN
9/16/23 Oklahoma Tulsa 3:30 PM ESPN2
9/16/23 Virginia Tech Rutgers 3:30 PM BTN
9/16/23 San Diego State Oregon State 3:30 PM FS1
9/16/23 Minnesota North Carolina 3:30 PM ESPN
9/16/23 Western Michigan Iowa 3:30 PM BTN
9/16/23 Louisiana-Monroe Texas A&M 4:00 PM SECN
9/16/23 Tulane Southern Mississippi 4:00 PM ESPNU
9/16/23 Western Kentucky Ohio State 4:00 PM FOX
9/16/23 Washington Michigan State 5:00 PM Peacock
9/16/23 Georgia State Charlotte 6:00 PM ESPN+
9/16/23 James Madison Troy 7:00 PM NFL NET
9/16/23 Louisiana-Lafayette UAB 7:00 PM ESPN+
9/16/23 Miami (Ohio) Cincinnati 7:00 PM BIG12|ESPN+
9/16/23 North Texas Louisiana Tech 7:00 PM ESPN+
9/16/23 Northern Illinois Nebraska 7:00 PM FS1
9/16/23 San Jose State Toledo 7:00 PM ESPN+
9/16/23 South Alabama Oklahoma State 7:00 PM BIG12|ESPN+
9/16/23 Tennessee Florida 7:00 PM ESPN
9/16/23 Vanderbilt UNLV 7:00 PM CBSSN
9/16/23 Akron Kentucky 7:30: PM ESPNU
9/16/23 Bowling Green Michigan 7:30: PM BTN
9/16/23 Syracuse Purdue 7:30: PM NBC
9/16/23 Georgia Tech Mississippi 7:30: PM SECN
9/16/23 BYU Arkansas 7:30: PM ESPN2
9/16/23 Pittsburgh West Virginia 7:30: PM ABC
9/16/23 Florida Atlantic Clemson 8:00: PM ACCN
9/16/23 Hawai'i Oregon 8:00: PM PAC12
9/16/23 New Mexico State New Mexico 8:00: PM
9/16/23 TCU Houston 8:00: PM FOX
9/16/23 Wyoming Texas 8:00: PM LHN
9/16/23 Colorado State Colorado 10:00: PM ESPN
9/16/23 Fresno State Arizona State 10:30: PM FS1
9/16/23 Kansas Nevada 10:30: PM CBSSN
9/16/23 UTEP Arizona 11:00: PM PAC12
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Sam Hensley
Sam Hensley
8 months ago

JOEL!!!! Good to see you, old friend!
I couldn’t agree with you more on Gary. Boy will I not miss him calling our games. Give me Herbstreit any day.