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Gameday Today: Injury situation “not so hotsy-totsy,” but at least nerds are in charge of the spring game

Except for the Orange and White “Game,” spring practice is in the books for Tennessee. So how did it go?
Well, defensive end Deandre Johnson is having a really good spring, according to defensive coordinator Bob Shoop. His opinion counts,  you know. And he thinks that cornerback Justin Martin has “really stepped up” and that safety Nigel Warrior had a “good spring overall, no question.” On his “Not Favorite Things” list? The injury situation plaguing his defensive unit, which he says is “not so hotsy-totsy.”
Meanwhile, on the other side of the ball, new quarterbacks coach Mike Canales has for some reason decided to strike fear into the hearts of Vols fans everywhere with three seemingly benign but totally frightening words: “Sure. Why not.” That came in response to a question asked about the possibility of running a two-quarterback system.
So practice officially concludes with the Orange and White “Game” tomorrow, and they must have granted some nerds access to the network passwords or something because someone’s posted an article with all of the rules for scoring points, points that don’t matter and that nobody cares about. You think I’m joking, but first on the list is this:
  • Get D+D objective: 1 point

See? You think that’s “down and distance,” but it’s actually Dungeons and Dragons.

So what’s everyone hoping to see tomorrow besides clouds moving on and sunshine poking through? Dave Hooker at Gridiron Now has a list of six mostly hipster defensive players to watch plus a bonus Prilosec ad smack in the middle of the content that is HUGE and making me concerned about that BBQ I ate for lunch. Will at Rocky Top Talk is looking for the second receiver, and second (and maybe third) linebacker, and whether Butch Jones will be naming captains again this year. On the captains question, I wonder whether doing so last year during spring practice had anything to do with the Jalen Hurd drama that manifested itself to fans later that fall, and without any actual knowledge whatsoever, I’m guessing it did and that Jones won’t do it again. But I’m basing that on absolutely nothing. Huh! War!

And finally, Jimmy Hyams has an interesting piece reporting the details of Tennessee’s non-conference game contracts. There’s some good information in there, but my favorite bit, just because I found it amusing, is that Peach Bowl, Inc. (a party to the agreement relating to the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game against Georgia Tech) “strongly urges both schools to begin ticket sales for this game as early as possible in 2017, but absolutely no later than March 1” and conclude sales by June 14. In response to that watertight language, Tennessee has announced plans to put tickets on sale to donors on May 16 and will open it up to everyone else in July. Resistance, not all that futile after all, at least in response to mere strong urgings.

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