Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast

Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast – Episode 178 – We are finding who we are

Joel, fresh out of involuntary hibernation, and Will react to Tennessee’s beatdown of Missouri. Topics:

1. The Gas: Hey, these stats look pretty good!
2. The Brakes: We’ve been here before. Is there danger lurking just around the corner?
3. What should we expect against South Carolina this Saturday?


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Isaac Bishop
Isaac Bishop
11 months ago

Great podcast as always guys! Just wanted to say I really appreciate y’all taking the time to do these. It makes my work commutes much more bearable.

Joel, I just want to say that I’m sorry about what happened over the summer and I’m glad to hear you’re continuing on the track to get better.

I know your family and friends are supporting you every day. I just want to reassure you that your loyal audience here is rooting for you too! I’ll keep you in my prayers.