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Gameday on Rocky Top 2020 should hit the newsstands all over the state of Tennessee (and select locations in neighboring states) somewhere in the back half of June. Hey, that’s an astounding degree of precision in these uncertain times.

As a Gameday on Rocky Top reader, you can get it before then, because we get our copies at the same time the distributor gets theirs, and we can get copies in the mail the next day while the distributor needs another week to get them into the stores.

And when you order directly from us, you don’t have to wear a mask. 🙂

So, pre-order our Gameday on Rocky Top 2020 college football preseason magazine online, and we’ll ship it to you the day after we receive it, which we expect to be somewhere around Wednesday, June 17.

With all of the uncertainty this year, we are printing fewer copies, so while the magazine is going to be on the newsstands in Tennessee and in limited areas in neighboring states, it could be a teensy bit more difficult to find this summer. So, skip the scavenger hunt and the face mask and reserve your copy now.

Why should I get this magazine?

As always, our Gameday magazine is More of Your Favorite Team and No Ads. We narrow our focus and go deeper on the teams you care most about and intentionally avoid adding content you’re probably not going to read. In Gameday on Rocky Top, for instance, we have 48 pages of content devoted exclusively to the 2020 Tennessee Volunteers, and the other 64 pages focus on the Vols’ 2020 opponents, along with their competition in the SEC and the national Top 25. We want you to be interested in every page of our publication from cover to cover.

Also, if you’re looking for good and solid reasons to believe in the Vols this season, this is for you. The longer we wrote, the more these things magnified our optimism for the season:

  • Continuity always matters, but it probably matters even more this year with the offseason cut short. Tennessee has more roster and coordinator continuity this year than it has since 2014.
  • History shows that an offense explodes in Jim Chaney’s second year at the controls. This is Jim Chaney’s second year at the controls.
  • If Cade Mays is eligible, Tennessee will return 108% of its offensive line starts from last year. 🙂 The defensive line also improved dramatically last year. A team is better when it is good in the trenches.

That’s just a taste of why we’re even more optimistic than usual about the Vols this season.

How can I get the magazine?

Here are the ways you can get a copy:

  • Order a physical copy online for $12.99 plus tax and shipping, and get it a week before it hits the newsstands.
  • Pick up a physical copy in your grocery or drug store for $12.99 plus tax when it hits the newsstands in late June.

We also plan to offer this year’s edition electronically at a lower price point through some combination of downloadable PDF, mobi, epub, and/or online membership. We hope to have more details on that early next week, so if you’re interested in an electronic version, stay tuned.

Go Vols.

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Isaac Bishop
Isaac Bishop
11 months ago

Preordered mine! Typically I like going to Asheville and scouring the shelves for a copy, but since it’s a limited batch I definitely don’t want to miss out. I appreciate you guys making a magazine this year. With how things turned out I wasn’t expecting it, but a welcome surprise indeed!

John Wilbanks
John Wilbanks
10 months ago

I don’t seem to be able to send an email back – but yes, I bought two PDFs on purpose. I read the site daily and want to support!

10 months ago

Woo Hoo… Got my copy today in the mail… first look, it is fantastic. Can’t wait to dive in and sure hope we get this season kicked off. Thanks for all the hard work putting it together. Go Vols!!