College Football TV Schedule: Week 14

The Tennessee Volunteers conclude the regular season this Saturday at 4:00 on the SEC Network, but it’s Rivalry Week, and there are great games all week long, especially on Saturday. Here’s when and where to find the games that matter most to Vols fans, along with some suggestions on how and why to watch them.

The list curated just for Vols fans is up first, but there’s a full schedule following that so you can curate your own if you like.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Away Home Time TV How Why
Ohio Akron 6:00 PM ESPN+ Channel Hop It's football
Western Michigan Northern Illinois 7:00 PM ESPNU Channel Hop It's football

Here we go again with teams in Ohio playing football on non-Saturdays. I think they’re confused.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Away Home Time TV How Why
Ole Miss Mississippi State 7:30 PM ESPN Live It's the Egg Bowl

Rivalry Week cracks open Thanksgiving night with Mississippi-Mississippi State. Alexa, why do they call it the Egg Bowl?

Friday, November 29, 2019

Away Home Time TV How Why
Virginia Tech Virginia 12:00 PM ABC Live Possible bowl opponent
#19 Cincinnati #18 Memphis 3:30 PM ABC Live Top 25 matchup
#17 Tennessee Florida State 7:00 PM CBSSN Live Oops, it's hoops!

There are a lot of games on TV this Black Friday, but most of them aren’t of much interest to Vols fans. So, if you don’t like those choices, just look for the oblong ball on your TV (or consult the entire schedule below) and find whatever floats your boat.

But notice that line of Orange, which is the Vols hoops team playing Florida State at 7:00 on CBS Sports Network. So be sure to catch that. It’s good to chase a little football with a little basketball.

Gameday, November 30, 2019

Away Home Time TV How Why
#2 Ohio State #13 Michigan 12:00 PM FOX Live The Game between Top 15 teams
#5 Alabama #15 Auburn 3:30 PM CBS Channel Hop, until Vols Iron Bowl between Top 15 teams
#12 Wisconsin #10 Minnesota 3:30 PM ABC Channel Hop, until Vols Paul Bunyan's Axe - Top 15 teams
Vanderbilt Tennessee 4:00 PM SECN Live Go Vols!
#17 Tennessee Hoops Purdue or VCU 4:00 PM TBD DVR Go Vols, but later!
Texas A&M #1 LSU 7:00 PM ESPN Channel Hop Possible bowl implications
#9 Oklahoma #21 Oklahoma State 8:00 PM FOX Channel Hop Bedlam between Top 25 teams

Wait, we’re on at the same time as the Iron Bowl? Bummer, as I would have liked to have seen that one live. But we’ll be busy trying to pack three years’ worth on revenge on the Commodores into 60 minutes at 4:00 on the SEC Network.

Depending on what happens with Vols hoops Friday night against Florida State, they’ll play again on Saturday either at 4:00 or at 7:00 and against either Purdue or VCU. If it’s on at 4:00, DVR it and watch it later. Hey, I love hoops, but if it comes down to game number 12 of 12 or game number six of 32, I’m going with 12 of 12. If it’s on at 7:00, then DVR that and catch up with it after the Vols-Vandy football game.

Warm up with Ohio State and Michigan at noon on Fox, although I feel the need to voice the opinion here that you can’t give it a name as presumptuous as The Game if it’s on at noon and on Fox. And what is up with Ohio State’s unnatural affection for the word “The” anyway?

There are also a couple of great options in the evening, so have at it.


Full searchable college football TV schedule

And hey, it’s Rivalry Week, so there’s chaos all around. Here’s where and when to find it your particular flavor:

Date Away Home Time TV
11/26/19 Ohio Akron 6:00 PM ESPN+
11/26/19 Western Michigan Northern Illinois 7:00 PM ESPNU
11/28/19 Ole Miss Mississippi State 7:30 PM ESPN
11/29/19 Texas Tech Texas 12:00 PM FOX
11/29/19 Virginia Tech Virginia 12:00 PM ABC
11/29/19 Bowling Green Buffalo 12:00 PM ESPN+
11/29/19 Kent State Eastern Michigan 12:00 PM
11/29/19 Miami (OH) Ball State 12:00 PM CBSSN
11/29/19 Toledo Central Michigan 12:00 PM ESPNU
11/29/19 #17 Iowa Nebraska 2:30 PM BTN
11/29/19 Missouri Arkansas 2:30 PM CBS
11/29/19 #19 Cincinnati #18 Memphis 3:30 PM ABC
11/29/19 #20 Boise State Colorado State 3:30 PM CBSSN
11/29/19 Washington State Washington 4:00 PM FOX
11/29/19 West Virginia TCU 4:15 PM ESPN
11/29/19 Arkansas State South Alabama 5:00 PM ESPN+
11/29/19 #24 Appalachian State Troy 6:00 PM ESPN+
11/29/19 South Florida UCF 8:00 PM ESPN
11/30/19 #2 Ohio State #13 Michigan 12:00 PM FOX
11/30/19 #3 Clemson South Carolina 12:00 PM ESPN
11/30/19 #4 Georgia Georgia Tech 12:00 PM ABC
11/30/19 Texas State Coastal Carolina 12:00 PM ESPN+
11/30/19 Tulsa East Carolina 12:00 PM ESPNU
11/30/19 Florida International Marshall 12:00 PM CBSSN
11/30/19 Louisville Kentucky 12:00 PM SECN
11/30/19 Northwestern Illinois 12:00 PM FS1
11/30/19 Indiana Purdue 12:00 PM ESPN2
11/30/19 Wake Forest Syracuse 12:30 PM ACCNX
11/30/19 Middle Tennessee Western Kentucky 2:00 PM ESPN+
11/30/19 Charlotte Old Dominion 2:00 PM ESPN+
11/30/19 Wyoming Air Force 2:00 PM
11/30/19 New Mexico State Liberty 2:00 PM ESPN+
11/30/19 Rice UTEP 3:00 PM ESPN3
11/30/19 UNLV Nevada 3:00 PM
11/30/19 #5 Alabama #15 Auburn 3:30 PM CBS
11/30/19 Rutgers #8 Penn State 3:30 PM BTN
11/30/19 #12 Wisconsin #10 Minnesota 3:30 PM ABC
11/30/19 #14 Baylor Kansas 3:30 PM ESPN
11/30/19 UConn Temple 3:30 PM CBSSN
11/30/19 Southern Mississippi Florida Atlantic 3:30 PM NFL
11/30/19 UTSA Louisiana Tech 3:30 PM ESPN+
11/30/19 Boston College Pittsburgh 3:30 PM ACCN
11/30/19 Miami Duke 3:30 PM ESPN2
11/30/19 Maryland Michigan State 3:30 PM FS1
11/30/19 Oregon State #6 Oregon 4:00 PM PAC12
11/30/19 #16 Notre Dame Stanford 4:00 PM FOX
11/30/19 Tulane #25 SMU 4:00 PM ESPNU
11/30/19 Vanderbilt Tennessee 4:00 PM SECN
11/30/19 UAB North Texas 4:00 PM
11/30/19 Utah State New Mexico 4:00 PM
11/30/19 Georgia State Georgia Southern 6:00 PM ESPN+
11/30/19 Texas A&M #1 LSU 7:00 PM ESPN
11/30/19 #22 Iowa State Kansas State 7:00 PM FS1
11/30/19 Navy Houston 7:00 PM ESPN2
11/30/19 North Carolina NC State 7:00 PM ACCN
11/30/19 Colorado #7 Utah 7:30 PM ABC
11/30/19 Florida State #11 Florida 7:30 PM SECN
11/30/19 UL Monroe Louisiana 7:30 PM ESPNU
11/30/19 #9 Oklahoma #21 Oklahoma State 8:00 PM FOX
11/30/19 BYU San Diego State 9:00 PM CBSSN
11/30/19 Arizona Arizona State 10:00 PM ESPN
11/30/19 California UCLA 10:30 PM FS1
11/30/19 Fresno State San Jose State 10:30 PM
11/30/19 Army Hawai'i 11:59 PM

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