2020 GRT college football picks: Week 12

Here are the results from last week:

Against Vegas opening spreads last week, the GRT Statsy Preview Machine held to form, hitting just over 50% overall but nailing the high-confidence games and the sweet spot. The actual numbers: 22-21 (51.16%) overall, 12-2 (85.71%) in Category 2, and 5-0 (100%) in Category 3. For the season, the SPM is now 171-149 (53.44%) in Category 1, 68-57 (54.40%) in Category 2, and 32-28 (53.33%) in Category 3.

Using the same spreads as SP+, the SPM was 23-20 (53.49%) overall for the week.

For the sake of comparison, SP+ was 18-24-1 (43%) officially, using its own spreads. For the season, it is 165-150-6 (52.3%). Against our spreads, it was 21-22 (48.84%) for the week and is 181-139 (56.56%) for the season.

Below are the GRT Statsy Preview Machine’s picks for Week 12 of the 2020 college football season. As always, if you’re wondering why we do this or what I mean when I refer to “confidence” and when I place game predictions into different categories, check out this post. Also, in case it’s not perfectly clear from the above results, spreads matter.

GRT SPM 2020 Week 12 Picks

According to that, which uses the opening spreads for the week, there are nine Category 3 games that the SPM likes particularly well. Of those, SP+ agrees on the following:

  • Tennessee at Auburn (Auburn -11.5) (ugh)
  • Washington State at Stanford (Washington State +1.5)
  • Liberty at North Carolina State (Liberty +3)
  • Indiana at Ohio State (Indiana +19.5)

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