Gameday on Rocky Top Guessing Game

GRT Guessing Game Results Week 1: chris weatherly leads the way

Thanks to everyone who played the Guessing Game this week. The play-by-play is below.

Round 1

Q: Who gets an interception first? (5-10 points)

A: Nobody, which wasn’t an option.

No points for nobody!

Mushrooms: chris weatherly and Sam Hensley

Bananas: Bulldog85 and Jason

Blue shells and bolts: No blue shells or bolts

Top 10 after Rounds 1 (yay for alphabetical!):

  1. chris weatherly
  2. Sam Hensley
  3. BallerVawl
  4. Corndawg
  5. daetilus
  6. Dave S
  7. ebreese1
  8. Harley
  9. Jdsimp
  10. jfarrar90

Round 2

Q: How many points does West Virginia score? (3-10 points)

A: 40, so 36-42 (5 points)

Five players get this right.

Mushrooms: BallerVawl and Corndawg

Bananas: Harley and Randy Holtzclaw

Blue shells and bolts: No blue shell, but Mariettavol gets a thunderbolt.

Top 10 after Round 2:

  1. chris weatherly
  2. Sam Hensley
  3. Dave S
  4. Jdsimp
  5. JWheel101
  6. BallerVawl
  7. Corndawg
  8. daetilus
  9. ebreese1
  10. jfarrar90

Round 3

Q: What’s the ratio of Tennessee’s net rushing yards to West Virginia’s net passing yards? (7-30 points)

A: 129 / 429 (30%), so . . . Under 50% (7 points)

Fifteen players get this right and get seven points for it.

Mushrooms: Jim Cornwell and LeniVol (half points due to the bolt)

Bananas: BallerVawl and JWheel101 (half points due to the bolt)

Blue shells and bolts: No blue shell, but Randy Holtzclaw gets a bolt and is safe from the halfsies next round.

Final Standings After Week 1:

2018 Guessing Game - W1
Player Points
chris weatherly 15
Sam Hensley 15
Dave S 12
Jdsimp 12
BallerVawl 8.5
Jim Cornwell 8.5
ebreese1 7
jfarrar90 7
Joel Hollingsworth 7
Mariettavol 7
MitchellK 7
Phil 7
Rockytopinky 7
Randy Holtzclaw 4
Bulldog85 4
JWheel101 3.5
Corndawg 3
LeniVol 1.5
daetilus 0
PaVol 0
Raven17 0
Rocky Top 0
RockyTop5 0
Will Shelton 0
Harley -3
Jason -3

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Sam Hensley
Sam Hensley

tied for the lead!!

Brenna Russell
Brenna Russell

At least I’m not negative.


Ouch, how embarrassing… -3 points… I feel like the first play of the game 🙁 Week 2; Go Vols!, Go Harley to get out of the cellar.