Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast

The Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast: Florida week

In this week’s podcast, Will, Brad, and I discuss:

  • What each of us thinks is the most important story line of this game this year (1:00);
  • Whether there’s an argument to be made that Tennessee’s program is now more stable than Florida’s (7:15);
  • The perils of using Twitter to take the pulse of the fan base (19:00);
  • Why FIRE BUTCH is crazy talk at this point (27:09);
  • Learning the lesson, after 10 years of doing this, that no one can make other fans be happy about winning if they’d rather be right (32:02);
  • The thing about the Vols in which we are most confident heading into this game (40:20);
  • The one thing that Tennessee must do to win against Florida (53:00); and
  • Bonus coverage when the “Stop” button didn’t work. (1:05)

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It seems noteworthy that Florida is the fourth ranked team in the state of Florida right now. I take it they still have an edge over the other in state teams in recruiting cache, but there seems no reason that should be permanent.