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Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast: Brad’s most expected outcomes for Vols-Mountaineers and Long John Silvers

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I’m leaving that robo-transcription error because I find it hilarious. 🙂




Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:12] This is the game day Iraqi top podcast. Joel Hollingsworth and I’m with Brad Shepherd. Brad how are you doing.


Brad Shepard: [00:00:21] I am doing great. It’s game week.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:23] It is game week. We’re all feeling good about that and I’m going to ask you the same thing that I asked Will which is what is the last thing you that you ate


Brad Shepard: [00:00:35] What is the last


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:35] You


Brad Shepard: [00:00:36] Thing


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:36] Weren’t


Brad Shepard: [00:00:36] That


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:36] Expecting.


Brad Shepard: [00:00:36] I ate. Believe it or not this is a horrible horrible answer for that question which is I actually just ate chicken from Long John Silver’s for the first time in like two years. And it is not a good thing.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:53] So you only have like a half hour before you need to go.


Brad Shepard: [00:00:56] Pretty much. It was nothing sounded good. So yeah really know what possessed me to do that. But


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:07] Long


Brad Shepard: [00:01:07] So far


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:07] John


Brad Shepard: [00:01:07] So


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:07] Silvers


Brad Shepard: [00:01:08] Good.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:08] We’ll get you especially the hushpuppies man. There’s nothing better than a good Hushpuppy.


Brad Shepard: [00:01:13] Man you know I love that place. But then I hate that place. After a little while


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:21] It is true.


Brad Shepard: [00:01:21] It’s bad but maybe it will be OK. I’m hoping I’m hoping so.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:26] All right. So vol stuff. I’m going to ask you the same question I asked Will on Monday and that is basically what are your what’s your top expected outcome for the Tennessee West Virginia game and then what are your backup plans. And here’s what I mean by that and I tell you my answers just so you can because I probably didn’t explain it very well. So I have run my stats preview thing and I was surprised that it only gave West Virginia an edge of between three and four. I was surprised because the line is still nine and a half to ten and a half although we’ll told me on Monday that the S&P has been updated to only four and a half. So maybe there’s something there. Not sure but anyway so my most expected outcome is West Virginia winning by three or four points. But I also think that because there’s such a potent offensive passing team that if they find a weakness and just keep exploiting it over and over and over again they could run away with it. So that’s my second most expected outcome. But then third is that because I think it’s going to be a 3 or 4 point game that also gives Tennessee the opportunity to maybe steal one in the end in a close game. So my expected outcomes in order are won West Virginia wins by three or four. Two West Virginia runs away with it and three Tennessee pulls out a close win. So what’s your most expected outcome and then what are your backup expectations.


Brad Shepard: [00:03:15] Yeah I mean that’s a great question and I’ve I’ve given it some thought actually because I’m trying to figure out what do I do or go into Saturday expecting. I mean I know you know kind of from my own personal expectations. There are two things I’m expecting about Saturday. Number one is it’s my little boy’s birthday so


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:36] Hey


Brad Shepard: [00:03:36] I’m expecting to be frantically running around crazy


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:39] And you’ll be


Brad Shepard: [00:03:39] On


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:39] Eating cake.


Brad Shepard: [00:03:39] Saturday. Yes I’ll be eating cake and my number two thing is that you know it’s going to be my first. It’s my first hand or a for Bleacher Report interviewing the winners and losers column which essentially turned out to be about 20 slots so it’s been a hectic busy day for me. And I’ve actually got some my buddy David Fujiyama in town from Asheville so that’s going to be bonkers that whole day is going to be crazy. I am going to watch the Tennessee game. I’m


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:10] You


Brad Shepard: [00:04:10] Going


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:10] Should.


Brad Shepard: [00:04:10] To


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:11] I’m


Brad Shepard: [00:04:11] Watch


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:11] Sorry


Brad Shepard: [00:04:11] Every play of it


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:12] I have. I have advice for you. I just have to jump in. Sorry. You should soak your cake


Brad Shepard: [00:04:17] Yes.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:17] And


Brad Shepard: [00:04:17] Yeah.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:17] 5 hour energy just like soak it.


Brad Shepard: [00:04:22] They need to do that because I’m going to have to get up at 7 to get to the park and get everything ready for the birthday and then I will absolutely be up until at least 2:00 a.m.. I mean that’s that’s that’s the drop dead. I mean. I mean that’s like. I mean I say to drop dead that’s the earliest that I’m going to. So it’s going to be just insane. I mean but you know like I said I’m I’m absolutely going to watch the Tennessee game every play of it. There’s no way that I would miss that game simply because you know obviously because I’m totally fine. But. But secondly because I have no idea what to expect. I mean it that really excites me. I mean I didn’t ever think as a reporter. I mean as somebody who lived that life I didn’t ever think that I would enjoy not really knowing what to expect but it’s kind of fun this year because and that’s that’s kind of my long intro. To answer your question but I agree with you as far as what I think my most expected outcome is I was thinking that the line should probably be about 5 or six. So I’m thinking you know somewhere around in there three three to six points that West Virginia wins by by three to six points. That’s that’s kind of what I expect. Only because you know I don’t think I mean the game really kind of feels. And I know it’s a it’s a different type of team than than Northwestern. But the game kind of feels northwesterly to me just because I don’t really think that anybody knows you know really.


Brad Shepard: [00:05:58] It’s just such a clash of supposed styles that we don’t really know what to expect. And I don’t think that Tennessee is going to have a decisive speed advantage like they had in that northwestern game. But also I’m not sure that Tennessee is not going to be able to just use the word dominate because coming off for an eight season you don’t dominate anything but Tennessee is going to be able. I don’t know that they’re not going to be able to successfully run the well against West Virginia too because I think West Virginia is not that good. So the only reason why I would give West Virginia the edge bar anywhere between four and six points is because I think that Tennessee doesn’t really know how to win games and and that’s going to maybe kind of spill over a little bit at least until they get their footing. So I think that’s my most expected outcome as a close loss my second most expected outcome though is Tennessee winning the game because I really believe and not running away with it but winning a close game. And it’s because I really do think that Tennessee is going to be able to move the football and score points against West Virginia. West Virginia’s best win last year came against an up and down our state team. And I know that we really couldn’t gauge what kind of football team that was later in the season once Greer got hurt. But even though they were a dangerous team at times last year with Greer they also were never a very good defensive team. And also they weren’t very good running the football so I don’t know that West Virginia’s balance is going to be where it needs to be and it all kind of you know it all kind of kind of hinges on Tennessee’s ability to slow down the pass so you know whether whether they’re the young quarterbacks are up to speed whether Tennessee can generate any pass rush.


Brad Shepard: [00:07:52] But I think that Tennessee is going to do is going to be able to control some possessions behind an offensive line that I think is going to be much improved and a running and a stable of running backs. I think it’s been a pleasant surprise us this year so my second most expect outcome is that Tennessee actually pulls through and wins the game and then third most expected. Like you said kind of your second is that you know the that we’re just overmatch the passing game and that you know we don’t have enough bullets with Gerome Tonota to you know to be able to match them in a in a shooting match. And so but. But I really don’t think that’s going to happen because I think the contrasting styles actually the Tennessee actually has some some things that could be it could go their way. I don’t think that roots want to blow smoke and he didn’t blow any smoke in the in the spring when he didn’t say much and he was very he was not very pleased with Tennessee and he seems pretty pleased right now. I don’t think that he thinks this is a great thing but I think he is. I think that he feels pretty good about their competitive edge about their development about their growth as a football team and


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:09:03] Yeah the change in tone has been very mysterious hasn’t it.


Brad Shepard: [00:09:08] Has and this is not you know as I said this is not a coach that comes from a pedigree of pomp and sunshine. His dad is not that kind of guys. We’ve learned throughout some interviews from some articles that have been done. That as a longtime high school football coach Saban obviously is not that kind of guy. It was not that in the spring so I’m a little excited it seems at least on the surface unless he’s just excited to play football and kind of get this year out of the way. And I do know that he’s told some recruits hey you know it’s going to be worse this year than what it’s going to be at any point during my tenure. But I feel like that might be just kind of buffering thing just in case. But he he seems quite confident and maybe not quietly confident that they’re going to win this game. But quietly confident that they’re going to be sneakily better than what a lot of people think that they’re going to be and maybe that were given credit for. I think that he’s played this game of love us really not knowing what to expect to perfection. And if there is a little games gamesmanship on Saturday then I think that benefits Tennessee.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:10:24] So they’re underestimating our sneakiness as what you’re saying.


Brad Shepard: [00:10:28] I’m hoping that that’s the case. I definitely would not go out on a limb and predict and see to win the football game.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:10:36] Yeah.


Brad Shepard: [00:10:36] But I also don’t think that it’s farfetched at all to think that that could be when I know coming out of that day.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:10:43] So suppose that one of your top two expectations happens that Tennessee loses a close game or maybe even wins. How does that impact your expectations for the for the season or does


Brad Shepard: [00:10:57] It does and I said that today in speaking with some friends about you asked me exactly that question. You know I think that we’re going to tell a whole lot about this team on Saturday because if they can come out and beat West Virginia then I think that they’re going to have a lot of confidence in themselves because this is a game. It’s a game that nobody really expects them to win. West Virginia is a top 10 team in some publications are a top 20 team and essentially all publications and you know this is a team that’s dangerous offensively a lot of people are predicting big things for them this year in the Big 12. And if Tennessee comes out and wins this game I do not think Florida is a good football team and I like Dan Mullen. I think Dan Mullin is a very good developer developer of talent. I don’t think he’s a great recruiter but I think he does a good job of maximizing the players on the roster so I think Ford is going to get better as the year progresses. I think they’ve got the same quarterback question marks that Tennessee has at this point and I don’t recall at all.


Brad Shepard: [00:12:06] I don’t think anybody will recall having very many offensive weapons and Calloway’s no longer there and you know they don’t have a they don’t have a lot of players that we know well and beef fans they always have pretty good a pretty good sense but offensively they’re kind of like Tennesseean in that they’re searching for playmakers and I think that there have been a lot more positive vibes coming out of Tennessee’s offensive. Hey we may have found some things camp for us. And so I’m not sure that Tennessee shouldn’t be favored to win that game in Knoxville. And so that’s if Tennessee wins this this game this week. I think you could see some positive momentum early in the season if they lose the game like a lot of people were saying I could see this team going to six and having to make a bowl game. And so I really do think that this game and the Florida game are the two biggest swing games of the season and it’s going to determine a whole lot about the makeup of this team. The progress of this game and whether or not this team can can make it to a


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:13:17] So you heard it here first Brad Sheppard says we’re going to blow out West Virginia and then beat Florida.


Brad Shepard: [00:13:23] Absolute. Yes.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:13:25] All right.


Brad Shepard: [00:13:25] Yes.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:13:25] I thought I got that right.


Brad Shepard: [00:13:26] Actually I actually would pick Tennessee to be. I think I’m gonna pick Tennessee to be the if even if if one of those first two scenarios happened in I2C


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:13:38] Ok


Brad Shepard: [00:13:38] Gets blown out by West Virginia obviously the things I don’t think forward is that good. I think they’re going to be fine once Imrie Jones it’s floating but he’s not he’s not the quarterback. I mean he’s not even one of the top two quarterbacks. So I just think that they’re kind of fitness square peg into a round hole kind of thing with with Frank Trask and I just don’t see that. I don’t see them starting out so well. Or maybe maybe I’m wrong but that’s that’s I think this is going to be a tough year.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:14:10] Is that the only sort of upset you you are sort of anticipating at this point or do you think South Carolina two or Missouri how you feel


Brad Shepard: [00:14:19] Now


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:14:19] On those


Brad Shepard: [00:14:21] No I think South Carolina is better than Tennessee. I really like Bentley really like a healthy DeBow Samual. I think that the chances are going to take on the mentality of much champ. I picked them. I just got finished writing a 5000 word SCC preview and a lot of research on it and I really really like South Carolina. This year I think I think Georgia is still going to win the East and I really hate saying that I like South Carolina because I really don’t like much champ and I don’t know that there’s any I don’t I don’t think there’s any longevity any staying power in the in what they’ve built. But I’m like it’s kind of like the Missouri window. I think South Carolina and Missouri could could either one of those names that really kind of break out and have a really good year but then you know once once lock goes pro next year it’s kind of like OK what next it Missouri and and maybe maybe South Carolina I’ve got a couple of year window with with Bentley if he if he comes back next year which I think you will all think he’s a pro prospect Yeah. But you know I like that team a lot better than most. I don’t think that they’re explosive offensively or anything but but I think their defenses are going to be snakey good and I think that they’re probably going to finish second in the east


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:15:36] So another sneaky reference. You’re feeling very sneaky this evening.


Brad Shepard: [00:15:41] What a lot of sneaking around


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:15:43] Sneakiness


Brad Shepard: [00:15:43] In a


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:15:44] Yeah well that’ll do it for this edition of the game day Iraqi podcast subscribe on iTunes. You can find us at Soundcloud as well. If you’re listening via talk show you what do you do when we’re getting ready to disappear. So make the track make the switch over to soundcloud subscribe via iTunes in that way. You know we just follow you around so you don’t even have to worry about it. So just go do that. Also while you’re at it give us a review. Give us a rating. Bonus points if you say something nice about Brad


Brad Shepard: [00:16:24] Yes


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:24] Because


Brad Shepard: [00:16:25] Please.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:25] Because we know that’s very difficult. Did you or did you read the transcript that I said that before you didn’t did you.


Brad Shepard: [00:16:32] No I didn’t read that.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:33] Yeah. Yeah. You all have to go back and listen to that. I figured you would have heard it because I figured you didn’t hear it because I figured you would have given me a call while you were driving your car after I said that. But anyway


Brad Shepard: [00:16:47] No


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:47] So yeah.


Brad Shepard: [00:16:47] I need to go see that now


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:50] So subscribe via iTunes. We’re having shorter podcasts this this season is shorter and more frequent two or three a week. We might also have a longer one with the whole gang together. So again just subscribe and we will automatically pop up on your commute to or from work. So for Brad Shepherd I’m Joel Hollingsworth and this has been the game day on Rocky Top podcast. All right


Brad Shepard: [00:17:26] All right.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:17:27] So that Long John Silvers kicking in yet.


Brad Shepard: [00:17:32] Oh no. But still a lot of people it affects the the other way. Me It just gives me really bad heartburn indigestion. I mean like I’m like really you know every Belchers and stuff.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:17:48] All right well let’s hear it.


Brad Shepard: [00:17:50] Makes me feel not very good but it’s not kicked in and I’m open that I really had like a I had like a kid’s meal. I mean because I was really not angry. We went to Nashville this weekend I went to a Taylor Swift concert last night to bring that up because it calls into question my manhood. But my


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:18:07] It’s all right.


Brad Shepard: [00:18:07] Boy


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:18:08] I admitted watching it and really liking Hannah Montana. At one point and my kids have never forgotten about it.


Brad Shepard: [00:18:17] Yeah it was a really good concert it was it with.


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Isaac Bishop
Isaac Bishop

Great podcast! Just the right amount of time for my daily commute. I’m kind of leaning towards Brad’s top two expectations. It’s going to be close either way. I’m not really expecting a blowout from either side. I also like the point about Pruitt being pleased with the team right now. He was obviously upset after that spring game performance so for him to be satisfied now makes me feel better too.