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Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast – Episode 165 – SEC stock portfolio re-allocation for 2020

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The GRT guys re-allocate their stock portfolio of SEC teams heading into the 2020 season. What and how much are they buying, selling, and holding? Play along by re-allocating your own portfolio here.


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1 day ago

thanks for your positive comments on Kentucky. Stoops has done a good job turning things around. He was hired same time as Malzahn at Auburn both are in their eighth season. The Terry Wilson injury hurt the Cats last season they should have beaten Florida and Tennessee but just a few yards short that is the way it goes. They are going to throw it more okay they are not going to run the wishbone and their three backs are AJ Rose, Kavioskey Smoke and Chris Rodriguez. Stoops and staff get tired of being underestimated by media outside Kentucky. they… Read more »