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Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast, Episode 148: The West Virginia criticism sandwich

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Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:13] This is the Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast Episode One forty eight. Joel Hollingsworth and I’m with Brad Shepherd tonight. Brad say hi.

Brad Shepard: [00:00:25] How are

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:25] No

Brad Shepard: [00:00:25] You.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:28] I was going to say you know all you’re saying is hey you know you’ve heard all your words spent over the game I guess probably we’ll get to that in a second. First I got an off topic question for you like last week and I’m asking this because I actually know the answer and I want you to to admit it. Like a Man on the air. So what is the last concert you attended.

Brad Shepard: [00:00:53] Oh no you’re a genuinely bad person. That would be Taylor Swift and Camilla Cabella. You know Nissan Stadium

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:07] All right.

Brad Shepard: [00:01:07] What have I done to serve this. Joel.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:09] This is this is because you’re a huge Taylor Swift fan or you have like a teenage daughter that you’re taking to the thing or what.

Brad Shepard: [00:01:16] Neither my. So my little boy has grown up loving Taylor Swift and my wife loves Taylor Swift and secretly I know a lot of Taylor Swift’s songs because I kind of have become a bit of a closet fan by osmosis is a sweetie if you will is what my wife

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:38] Swiftie

Brad Shepard: [00:01:38] Is yelling in the background. So

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:40] Nice.

Brad Shepard: [00:01:41] It was it was a good show. It’s one that if my wife has anything to say about it and she normally does in every aspect and facet of my life we will probably be acting again at some time. So it was

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:55] All right.

Brad Shepard: [00:01:56] It really was a good show though we had a good time and you know I have to have my genre of music that I listen to which is our Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson and Son Volt and that kind of stuff. But

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:02:10] You

Brad Shepard: [00:02:10] Hey

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:02:10] Know

Brad Shepard: [00:02:11] You

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:02:11] Those people

Brad Shepard: [00:02:11] Know

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:02:11] Are

Brad Shepard: [00:02:12] Me it is what it is it’s it’s I had fun with it. It was it was a good time and it made for some pretty funny social media. So

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:02:21] All right very nice. I’ll have to say my last concert I had to think about it was actually Switchfoot it was many years ago seeing my youngest or my oldest daughter. She was maybe 15 16 I took her to Asheville and I think is it the orange peel or something like that.

Brad Shepard: [00:02:39] I think so. This sounds more

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:02:40] Yeah. So I saw them there and those guys are just awesome. Love those guys.

Brad Shepard: [00:02:44] They really are good. I don’t love Christian rock but I mean me I’m a Christian and I don’t love Christian rock. I mean that they are. They’re very talented.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:02:54] Yeah. And you know it’s almost like they there’s I don’t know. You know they have such a deep philosophical insight without any pushiness or preachiness or anything so. And they’re just they’re just cool to you know. So anyway.

Brad Shepard: [00:03:09] Yeah. Much cooler than Taylor Swift.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:12] Very much cooler than Taylor Swift. Yeah I’d take them in a fight any time. Yeah.

Brad Shepard: [00:03:17] Yes yes

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:18] All right. So anyway back to the vault. The vault is opened the Jeremy

Brad Shepard: [00:03:22] We

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:22] Pruitt

Brad Shepard: [00:03:22] Have.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:23] Yeah we can keep talking about Taylor Swift if you would

Brad Shepard: [00:03:26] Let’s

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:26] Yes. Sounds

Brad Shepard: [00:03:27] Make

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:27] Like

Brad Shepard: [00:03:27] This the

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:27] You

Brad Shepard: [00:03:27] Taylor

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:27] Got more

Brad Shepard: [00:03:28] Swift

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:28] In

Brad Shepard: [00:03:28] Our guests.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:28] Here.

Brad Shepard: [00:03:30] I’ll feel a little bit more happy talking about Taylor Swift. She’s not she’s not bad to look at either. So but I guess we probably should talk about the ball since that’s it. That’s what they pay for. So

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:42] All right so the Jeremy Pruitt area era kicked off with sort of a tough outing against the West Virginia Mountaineers they lost 40 to 14. Will Greer his and his excellent wide receiving corps they they just played havoc with Tennessee’s largely inexperienced secondary and I think I wrote something like this earlier it’s kind of like not knowing the Pythagorean theorem on the AC T. And so you miss the Pythagorean theorem question 12 times. You know they did one thing really badly but they did it over and over and over again. And there were some other issues too. But let’s let’s do this. First let me get just your general impression and then after that I’m going to ask you to do sort of a praise critique sandwich so we’re going to have one thing that was good about the game. One thing that was really disappointing about the game and then followed it up with another thing that might be good if you can find two things. So

Brad Shepard: [00:04:51] Yeah I can find actually three things really stood out to me. That was good. But we’ll talk we’ll get to that later.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:56] You can make it a triple decker sandwich if you want so. But first just general impressions. How do you feel after that after the game.

Brad Shepard: [00:05:05] You know I’m disappointed. And as I wrote you know I blame myself for being disappointed and I think I’ve had a lot of time to kind of think about it and digest it for whatever reason this game kind of hit me harder than a lot of them in recent history. And you know we were Tennessee fans were tough we’re used to losing by now. But I think you know this is this is what I think I think you know I believe that we’ve been we’ve been reading practice reports and listened to practice reports. But the bottom line is the media gets to see one or two sessions of practice so they can’t tell us anything about the team with any real knowledge of really you know kind of having a roadmap or a daily road map to say these guys. And and that’s a major problem because what then happens is they have to rely on what they hear and more than that. What Jeremy Perrot tells them now that that doesn’t. I’m not trying to be contrary into everything that we’ve talked about how you know we’re we’re used to Butch line to us. And now I’m saying that Pruett’s line to us. I don’t think that’s the case at all. But if you’re if if you’re Jeremy Pruitt and you’ve just come from Alabama and Georgia and Florida stay where they have a lot of talent and they have a lot of athletes and they know how to have years upon years a foundation of recruiting and you come here and you kind of know what you have you know.

Brad Shepard: [00:06:45] I don’t think that and I said last week that and so this is me contradicting myself last week I said last week that I didn’t think it was the top that would blow a bunch smoke. Now I believe that you know after seeing them that he didn’t want to just come out and rip these kids and butches blind. You know as we all know Butch never blamed himself and never blamed his staff. And he he he would call people out. And I think that at this juncture Pru knows that he can’t do that and expect anything this year from this team he can’t do it. And feel good about you know recruiting and those guys you know want to jump on the ship so I feel like maybe he kind of thought that he could cover up some of the talent deficiencies scheme which is why you’ve heard him talk so much about him and fundamentals being you know a state chromos loss in. But I just I’m more than that and that’s I think that’s the reason why he’s accentuated the positives coming out of that game is because I think he knows what we have which is the reason he’s told plenty of recruits and recruits have them you know repeated in stories.

Brad Shepard: [00:08:02] They created it to say that this is going to be the worst year of the Paroo. But just because we’re building a program and we don’t want to hear that as fans but you know what we saw him Saturday is not as bad as it is not as bad as it. It’s not that I think it’s it’s it’s not the way it’s going to be every single week. I think it could get better. But I also am not sure that’s the worst what’s going to be this year. So you know I mean Alabama and Georgia those teams not only can they put up points but there are a lot more physical than West Virginia. So you know it’s going to be. It’s going to be a long season and you just hope that somewhere in the midst of all of that you know getting blown out which we hate to get blown out but all the in kind of in the midst of it you can find six wins. I think that there are possibly six wins on the schedule. I am less enthused about getting to 6 than I was a week ago. So

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:09:00] Yeah.

Brad Shepard: [00:09:01] You know.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:09:02] You

Brad Shepard: [00:09:03] Yeah.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:09:03] Said last week that you were thinking that they were going to beat Florida. Has that changed.

Brad Shepard: [00:09:09] You know I’ve got to I got an opportunity to watch Florida for a play about the same level of competition Tennessee’s going to play in the next couple of weeks. Ford did not do anything to impress me whatsoever. But Tennessee

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:09:21] You didn’t like

Brad Shepard: [00:09:21] Father

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:09:21] Daniel as

Brad Shepard: [00:09:22] So

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:09:22] Dance moves.

Brad Shepard: [00:09:23] I did not know that such a corn ball man. How I mean while he may kill it there. But man if he does it’s going to be in spite of himself. Oh no. But anyway.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:09:39] Yes all right

Brad Shepard: [00:09:41] I mean but you know I’m I’m curious I’m curious to see how Tennessee looks the next couple of weeks. Not because I think it’s going to tell us anything about what this means. But man they need some coffee right now. I mean I didn’t lie I didn’t like body language on a Saturday. I didn’t like you know just somebody. They played hard. It’s just like I mean to me it was a thought. And and you know at this point it is kind of that and so you know you want to get that out of the program and that’s that’s not there yet. But it’s also you know it’s also not an overnight fix. I feel bad for us as fans and for the kids that are on that team because there was some optimism going into the game and the kids were optimistic going into the game and they kind of got back down to earth and I think it was David Rubin or whomever. I can’t remember who it was but somebody who said you know what Saturday good did was give us a starting point and then I kind of expounded upon that and Mark Coleman said you know we know where we are and we know where we want to go but the hard part is going to be get in there and do something that we’re all just going to have to go through together and that goes from you know from fans to coaches to especially players and they’ve got to learn how to win and you know they’re not playing football right now

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:11:08] Yeah I think that was actually your buddy Wes not been. But

Brad Shepard: [00:11:11] What was or what yeah

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:11:12] I think it

Brad Shepard: [00:11:12] Not

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:11:12] Was

Brad Shepard: [00:11:12] Being

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:11:13] Yeah it was a good one. And I have to say I was a little surprised to hear you say that you saw a bad poor body language because I didn’t really feel like I saw any of that.

Brad Shepard: [00:11:27] I did. There was a couple of shots at the end of the game I think it was Osborne and maybe and I’m not calling out those kids man I mean you know you’re getting you’re getting crushed that point you’re disappointed. I don’t think it was bad body language like a solid Ireton open season opener

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:11:41] Yeah.

Brad Shepard: [00:11:41] Last year I don’t like that at

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:11:43] Ok.

Brad Shepard: [00:11:43] All. I just think that I probably use a bad a bad term it was more like just ject Aylin which is why I kind of went into that I feel bad for it because I think that they thought that they were a little more prepared to face that they were.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:11:58] Yeah.

Brad Shepard: [00:11:58] And you know that Tennessee legitimately are not trying to point fingers or not noses but they legitimately was slow as powerful team. I watched all weekend and I probably watched about 30 hours of football. So I mean that’s that’s discouraging

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:12:14] You know I have to say though we don’t really know how good West Virginia is. So you know a little bit more data will probably help in my Monday. I guess it was Tuesday. I’ve lost track of the week. Whenever labor day comes you know I you know I just I lose track of everything. But anyway I’m looking forward to seeing how Tennessee does against competition like the rest of the S.E.C. played because after last weekend it felt like oh man Tennessee is the worst team in the U.S. because everybody else is score 50 points. You know. But you know most of those teams did not play ranked teams they didn’t play good teams. Now Auburn did but they won. But you know it wasn’t like a runaway. It wasn’t a blowout either so I’m really looking forward to a little more data when everybody starts playing sort of comparable teams. So we’ll see how that goes. But about the praise sandwich let’s let’s let’s come up with one positive take away a negative take away and then finish with a positive takeaway.

Brad Shepard: [00:13:28] Yeah I mean my biggest takeaway was aired Tato I thought that you know I didn’t really know what to expect. And I don’t think any of us really I mean you know we had heard that even though Prewett had kind of a little more praise than we were used to on the team. He’d been a little bit you know he’d been kind of quiet about his quarterbacks and and Gerin Tano. I thought played within himself. He did not play. He didn’t throw any passes that should have been picked the other day. He really executed the offense really well thought he missed on a couple reads. I thought that he really could hit Callaway another couple of times. And you know what I was I was disappointed at some we’re talking about positive now but I was disappointed at Don’s a little bit with Hilton’s play calling in the first half especially but I really thought Gueron delivered the ball on Tom. I was really watching you know that that clock we talk about and I’ve talked about many times and I thought is it 10:00 was a lot better he rewrote the away from pressure a couple times delivered some extra IGCSE. You know the only time that he where we got he had a couple times when Kennedy with Doenitz center but you know including the first game which really put us in a bond. But Garen Tonneau really played a mistake free game and I think that’s something to really be encouraged about. And when you kind of expound upon that and really talk about you know the entire passing game I don’t think Timoci I think we just kind of saw because of what Tennessee and passing game can be because Palmer looked a ton better than he did last year. Jennings and Callaway. Calloway who looked exceptional. Jennings

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:15:11] Yep

Brad Shepard: [00:15:12] Played pretty well when he was in there

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:15:13] Yep

Brad Shepard: [00:15:14] And then dominant what Anderson looks like at the red. So I’m encouraged I’m really encouraged by Bob Gueron Tarnow number one and Bob the entire passing game that was much better than I really thought it would be. I thought the running game would kind of curious and and really you know those guys I felt like we should have passed. Football.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:15:34] Yep. Negative

Brad Shepard: [00:15:38] You know the negative thing more than the secondary because and that we talked about it last week and we wrote about it last week but when you have a young secondary with are when you’ve got a secondary that’s a mixture of older slow players and young athletes that have no idea what they’re doing. You absolutely have to help them by getting pressure on the quarterback and the defensive line. Slash pass rushers or just non-existence. Greer had all day throw football. They never harassed him. They were rarely hit him. And Greer was able to just kind of sit back there and dissect the defense. And that does not bode well. Everybody wants to say secondary Secondary secondary. I mean that’s that’s not fair to those kids. I mean because that’s what disappointed as anybody in Buchanan and Abernathy did. And I thought major warrior played a very poor game. I think we’re going to get better play out of him. But man those kids at times they were Letten slow moving plays developed and people were going Bonda because Greer had all the time in the world to put it to the football and the pass rush has got to get better. And even though I thought that Prewett made some bad calls by trying to call some corner blitzes and get those in would you ended up with safeties back there. Man coverage that killed Tennessee and they had end West Virginia exploited man coverage all night or all day. I really thought that it was trying to find a way to manufacture some sort of pass rush. And when you do that you’re going to leave players on arms that’s just you can’t you can’t season seven and have six back. You know there’s not that many out there. And I thought Timoci you know even when they blitzed they struggled to get the quarterback. And you can’t do that when you’re inexperienced and and or not talented. And so the

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:17:40] Yeah.

Brad Shepard: [00:17:40] Pass rush was it has to improve.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:17:44] Yeah

Brad Shepard: [00:17:44] And at this point

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:17:44] I’m sorry. Are

Brad Shepard: [00:17:48] I

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:17:48] You

Brad Shepard: [00:17:48] Was

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:17:48] Down

Brad Shepard: [00:17:48] Just going

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:17:48] With

Brad Shepard: [00:17:48] Say

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:17:49] The negative

Brad Shepard: [00:17:49] At this point you well know I’m at this point you have to try other people you have to really hope that that Jordan Allen and really hope that you know Andre Johnson those guys you have to play those kids because they’re not going to be any worse than what a guy like cango was on Saturday. They’re just not so polite and you hope Lott comes home in the game these next two games are for fonde and some of those guys maybe Peterson that has absolutely no idea what he’s doing right now but is super talented I mean maybe you get these feet the feet wet against some of these teams that they can’t beat you and try to find some players that can get to the quarterback. Because if Tennessee can’t manufacture pass rush Jake Bentley drew law to tag Ebola and I can’t ever pronounce his name. But Kyle Shurmur and guys like that are going to kill us or

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:18:41] Yeah.

Brad Shepard: [00:18:42] It is going to kill us.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:18:44] Mine is the center. He had it he had a rough start for one year but that sounds just like that just a you know a brain problem. You know just real quick. Right. So everybody makes mistakes. But there were a couple of those. And then the thing I was really disappointed in just watching one of the replays after he missed a couple of blocks on a play the I think it was Jordan still got outside but he was just jogged into the play you know so it was effort on top of making those mistakes for me on that one. So I hope that was just a just a one game thing that he’s going to learn from it and get better because he seems like he’s got the talent for it. Hope he will Opie gets it together. Last last last positive unless

Brad Shepard: [00:19:38] Well

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:19:38] You want to

Brad Shepard: [00:19:38] As

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:19:38] Do

Brad Shepard: [00:19:38] Much

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:19:38] Too.

Brad Shepard: [00:19:38] As I

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:19:39] You

Brad Shepard: [00:19:39] Want

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:19:39] Can

Brad Shepard: [00:19:39] To say

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:19:39] Do two.

Brad Shepard: [00:19:40] Well now I’ll touch on the one that nobody wants to talk about because it’s not sexy enough. But I was worried about I was worried about special teams I thought that Joe Doyle did a good job on the football. I mean that’s something that didn’t really matter in this game but it’s going to matter it’s some game down the road. And and that was encouraging because I mean these are Edger Reisz Rennies or Verga you know and they beat out the the you know the number two corner in the nation and authority plenty pretty well the other day. And I think that Tennessee you know they need some consistency after losing a guy like Trevor Daniel who just beat out veteran Shane Lechler for the Texans and you know you don’t you don’t just replace golfers like that and Doyle did a really good job the other day. So I was encouraged by that because that’s going to be that’s going to be big later in the season when you know after the gauntlet Tennessee runs and again some of those teams that maybe you know it’s a little more on only an even keel an even playing field was dinsey. But you know the other thing that really was encouraging was Jim Jordan. I mean you know that guy know we we saw kind of you know glimpses of what he could do in the spring game. And I thought that you know this is this is this is the guy they recruited Ptomaine say we want to about Booch I’ve said plenty but that was a root recruiting evaluation Jim. I thought it was a really good pickup when they got him there only a couple teams that liked and he was a basketball player remains an accolade.

Brad Shepard: [00:21:10] And you know Tennessee North Carolina there was another team I can’t remember who won Ole Miss or somebody who only had there for you know legit offers and it came down to Tennessee North Carolina and they were able to get Jordan to come come to Tennessee and that kid you know he’s athletic and not only as yet licky runs heart and he runs with that protest trust me and said the other day on Monday I believe it was watching watching him run makes me want to play harder. And that’s your bell Cal talk and you know the best player thing. And so I’m not I still believe it’s going to be a running back by committee Chandler and do some things that other kids on that offense can. I thought London had a couple good hard nose runs and but you know Tennessee was really struggling to move the football on the ground early and it helped her go into that little that little catch of the old talls pitch to the agent in Jordan you know Jordan might surprise us and I don’t know how those plays are going to work against Alabama Georgia. You’re going to have to have a tough runner at those times because those names are going to hit you. And you know Jordan I’m not saying he’s going to be a thousand yard rusher this year because or motos that the offensive lines got improves inefficiently but the halo is like a very good player. I’m really excited to see how he develops over the next three years. He’s one of those guys I feel like no kid can be a major part of this moving forward.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:22:34] My second positive just just because you mentioned that you were sort of disappointed and Hilton’s play calling. I actually was kind of pleased with it. The fact that things were were so bad early on and it wasn’t just because player’s mistakes it was that he was trying to run into a box that was stacked against the run. You know and he didn’t just say you know I know this will work eventually if we just keep going to it. You know he actually changed

Brad Shepard: [00:23:03] Where are

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:23:03] What he was doing and started having success. So I was I was happy to see that adjustments on the fly. Not waiting for halftime. Not waiting for the next game. Or never. You know. So we’re beginning to run out of time a little bit. So give me 60 seconds on what you want to see against you this week.

Brad Shepard: [00:23:26] Well I mean you know I’d like to see Tennessee expand the passing game a little bit. I want to see them run a more vertical. Things often simply that that’s really what I’d like to see. I want to see them you know run some deep patterns use the center of the field a little bit more. We said run some slants and crosses. It seems to me that they are not utilizing that part of the field and Tennessee never did it in the Bush era. So I don’t know if it’s just might be the beef gave them in the first Goodhand but I really really like as as I mentioned I really like what I see from the receiving corps so I’m curious to kind of see that develop and want to see you know what Anderson more are involved in the passing game. So that would be that be what I would like to see on offense and you know defensively are really they as I said they’ve got to manufacture a pass rush so she’s not going to beat you if you run. JJ Peterson out there for 24 blades even even though that could get literally just got on campus. I don’t know that he’ll play this week because I know that there’s like an acclimation

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:24:32] Yeah

Brad Shepard: [00:24:32] Period after the NCAA clears you.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:24:34] You’d

Brad Shepard: [00:24:34] So I’m not saying

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:24:35] Have to

Brad Shepard: [00:24:35] That

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:24:35] Play

Brad Shepard: [00:24:35] You

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:24:35] Just

Brad Shepard: [00:24:35] Run

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:24:35] In shorts.

Brad Shepard: [00:24:38] In the game

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:24:39] Yeah.

Brad Shepard: [00:24:40] You know at this point he would probably still start. But no I’m just kidding. But you know. But I mean seriously throw him to the side and let’s let’s talk about Andre Johnson. Let’s talk about it. I mean the Allen kid the JUCO it for him from San Francisco. Let’s talk about you know Austin Smith I mean a guy that I’d like to see you know a little bit more of a woman. Let’s pin the ears and have some guys that can get after to the quarterback. I mean you don’t ever want to say anything negative about a kid. But. I’ve seen Jonathan Kombo fall off a block maybe two or three times in his entire career. TIMOCI so maybe you know maybe the lot’s going to come on but I didn’t see a whole lot Saturday that made me have a lot of faith in it. So let’s trust some other thing. Let’s try some other players and just because they can get the quarterback issue doesn’t mean the candidates order. But you know Tennessee’s got to play some kids got to try to make some things up. And we’ve got to try to find some sort of semblance of a pass rush and the front 7

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:25:51] Yeah I want to see a score

Brad Shepard: [00:25:53] Or

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:25:53] That looks like the ones that are SGC brethren put up against their cupcakes something that’s going to make me feel like we can have hope against Florida. That’s what I want to see. So

Brad Shepard: [00:26:07] Like a 55 to 3 or something.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:26:09] Yeah you know

Brad Shepard: [00:26:11] Yeah.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:26:11] At least getting close to 50 and holding them understand 10 something just a blowout as long as it’s a blot. Want to see it that’s probably bad expectation to go into a game with. But that will make me feel better. So and right now I just want to feel better. So

Brad Shepard: [00:26:27] Sure absolutely.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:26:28] Yeah.

Brad Shepard: [00:26:29] I mean we’re we need that because we’re not going to have no we’re talking about maybe five or six field good games this year. So that’s

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:26:38] Yeah

Brad Shepard: [00:26:38] If that’s it. I mean 6 if we’re if we’re really happy

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:26:41] Yeah

Brad Shepard: [00:26:41] And that’s you know that’s that’s that’s bad. And that was not good. So

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:26:45] Yeah.

Brad Shepard: [00:26:46] Let’s be happy this week

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:26:48] All right. Well that’ll do it for the game day Aracataca podcast please subscribe via iTunes or Google and give us orating give us a review. Bonus points if you use the words next. Randy Sanders and you have to spell it

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Joel Hollingsworth: [00:27:08] You have to spell it e KayKay ID. Alternatively you can get bonus points for using the word Taylor Swift or to.

Brad Shepard: [00:27:18] But not but not make it tailors with

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:27:21] No we don’t want that. No. Well that might be good for hits I don’t know. But anyway so for Brad Shepard I’m Joel Hollingsworth and this has been the game to rocket up podcast.

Brad Shepard: [00:27:37] That got to look for my wife.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:27:40] Well as it should.

Brad Shepard: [00:27:42] Because

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:27:42] We need a chaperone

Brad Shepard: [00:27:43] It’s your

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:27:44] For you. You also confirmed to by the way that you have no idea what 60 seconds is.

Brad Shepard: [00:27:50] No.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:27:50] So

Brad Shepard: [00:27:51] No not at all. Oh big I’m capable of doing anything in 60 seconds

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:27:59] I’ll leave that one alone.

Brad Shepard: [00:28:01] Yeah look it up.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:28:02] Yeah.

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Thank you for the podcasts!

Andy Sexton
Andy Sexton

Pocket Casts on Android is downloading I believe the last podcast before this one, but it’s title and metadata are still the 148 podcast. I unsubscribed and resubbed and it still has the same problem. (It downloads the podcast that starts out talking about LJS Chicken from before WV was played).

Do you have a direct RSS feed for the podcast? I can test it that way.