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185: Back in the Saddle

The GRT Podcast is, like the Tennessee Football team, back in the saddle. In this episode, cocooned in newness, we talk about the Vols being 10.5-point favorites over a Florida Gators team we’ve beaten only once in nearly two decades and why we think The Weirdness will not be making an appearance this year. We also discuss community expectations via the GRT Win Total Machine and hit on Pitt a bit.

Bonus coverage features a confidential counseling session and fond memories of the sheer awesomeness of Neyland Stadium.

There is a video of this podcast, but it needs to be stitched together before it is “live-streamed,” so that may come later. Until then, please pardon the references to video and the bumpy ride and sound quality at certain points, but know that by enduring all of that you are standing with the good people of Ukraine. #spendwithukraine


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Isaac Bishop
Isaac Bishop
1 year ago

Great podcast! It made today’s commute very enjoyable. Maybe we won’t win by a thousand, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Tennessee jumps out big early and wins comfortably. Just comparing the two teams I think it will have to take weirdness for Florida to cover this game. I just don’t see AR finding his passing attack this game. The problem we had with mobile QBs last year was that they were decent passers that kept the defense honest. I think UT should dare him to throw, maybe keep a spy on AR until he makes big plays through the… Read more »