Read: Tennessee-South Carolina post-game recaps and observations

If you read only one thing about the Vols today . . .

. . . make it this, from 247Sports:

Other Vols stuff worth reading today

  1. Transcript of Pruitt’s post-game presser, via UTSports
  2. Tennessee 31 South Carolina 27: They may all be ugly, but they will all be beautiful, via Gameday on Rocky Top
  3. ‘Relentless’ Vols making a habit of finding ways to win, via 247Sports
  4. Pruitt has nothing ‘nice to say’ about Cade Mays situation, via 247Sports
  5. Vols own football’s longest win streak among Power 5 teams, via 247Sports

Behind the paywalls

  • Rexrode: The newcomers who stood out in Tennessee’s win at South Carolina, via The Athletic
  • For Tennessee, an opening win warrants a celebration, no matter the details, via The Athletic

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