Jajuan Jennings

Today on Gameday: Jajuan Jennings and John Kelly leading the way on offense


Tennessee wide receivers coach Kevin Beard is liking his guys. He especially likes returning starter Jajuan Jennings, who just needs to be the alpha male he naturally is.

But speaking of leaders, running back John Kelly is relishing the spotlight and taking it on himself to coach up Carlin Fils-aime and the other running backs when he gets the chance. “He’s probably more vocal than he’s ever been,” coach Jones said. “He’s coaching the younger players. He’s demanding.”

Good. With Kelly and Jennings and the experience along the offensive line, the offense should at the very least be confident, which should go a long way in making things just a bit easier for whichever guy wins the starting quarterback gig. The latest report on that competition is that it’s still a competition.

On the other side of the ball, Darrell Taylor is really beginning to make a name for himself, even earning comparisons to Derek Barnett.

And on the baseball diamond, freshman Justin Ammons scored the game-winning run against #10 Auburn yesterday thanks to a sacrifice fly by Andre Lipcius.

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