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Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast, Episode 150: Last look at UTEP, look ahead to Florida


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GRT Podcast 9.18.18


[00:00:49] Favorite novels: Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse, Harry Potter, Michael Crichton, Dr. Suess, and Shel Silverstein.
[00:04:43] How does Will feel about the 24-0 score against UTEP?
[00:08:30] Those moments in the stadium with pockets of fans intently watching other games that matter.
[00:12:02] The race for the SEC East and where Tennessee and Florida fit in as of right now.
[00:17:04] Is Tennessee improving?
[00:21:55] Pruitt’s, and coaches’ generally, communication with fans.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:13] This is the Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast, episode 150. That’s a big mark there isn’t

Will Shelton: [00:00:19] Wow.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:19] it Will. That’s

Will Shelton: [00:00:21] I’m honored to. I mean I’ve been on most of them but I’m honored to . . . apologies to Brad for being on episode 149. I’m happy to be on episode 150 here.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:31] Yeah. Does anybody know what the special gift is for 150

Will Shelton: [00:00:37] I don’t know it’s probably like a piece of candy or something

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:40] Yeah.

Will Shelton: [00:00:40] Something like that.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:42] It might

Will Shelton: [00:00:42] Yeah.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:42] Be a sack of potatoes.

Will Shelton: [00:00:44] Yeah. I have to treat ourselves tomorrow to a peppermint or whatever.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:49] All right so I got three seconds in before I got sidetracked. So yeah I’m Joel Hollingsworth and I’m with Will Shelton tonight. So we got lots of stuff to get . . . . We’re going to run through basically the same questions with Will that we ran through with Brad last night including the off topic question which Brad and I just are talking about books last night for some reason. So Will’s short answer Do you have you have a favorite novel.

Will Shelton: [00:01:20] Oh man. A favorite novel. Man I have. I have lots of favorite things. I really like. I like Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse when I was growing up. That’s kind of a coming

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:36] I’ve never.

Will Shelton: [00:01:37] Of age of a different sort of religious perspective.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:39] Ok.

Will Shelton: [00:01:40] Never. Never read it didn’t have. Didn’t have to read it in school anything like that.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:44] Me

Will Shelton: [00:01:44] Like

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:44] I’ve

Will Shelton: [00:01:45] I

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:45] No

Will Shelton: [00:01:45] Had to read it for school. Yeah.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:46] I’ve never even heard of that. It must be

Will Shelton: [00:01:48] Never

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:48] Like

Will Shelton: [00:01:48] Even heard

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:48] Alcoa

Will Shelton: [00:01:48] Of it.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:49] Thing or something.

Will Shelton: [00:01:50] Maybe we are. Alcoa was an A+ class school system in the state of Tennessee when I was there. My I don’t remember if it was like freshman year or it was a high school year that it was required reading but it’s like, it’s Hermann Hesse it’s like a Near Eastern sort of coming of age thing is one of the first things I read from a like a non white Christian perspective but also still very spiritual about this guy that sort of looking for meaning in all kinds of different ways. And that was a helpful book to me when I was someone who was also looking for meaning outside of the sort of normal judo Christian sort of answers that are given there so I really like the answer that I want to give when I want to sound smart and distinguished. I really like Harry Potter

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:02:42] It

Will Shelton: [00:02:43] So you know

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:02:44] Worked.

Will Shelton: [00:02:44] Like right now I can I’d be happy to talk about Harry Potter as well. So

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:02:49] I’ve never read those. I probably should.

Will Shelton: [00:02:51] Really

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:02:52] Yeah

Will Shelton: [00:02:52] Man

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:02:52] I really have. Have

Will Shelton: [00:02:54] They

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:02:54] Not

Will Shelton: [00:02:54] Are it’s for me. I came into them later on like I think the first book now is a bit of a challenge because the kids are so young in the first book. So you’re dealing with like I think 11 year olds in the in the first book but then every next book is another year at the Hogwarts school and so by the time it gets like three or four they get really good. And she is just a fantastic writer. So really like I’m trying to cover all my bases

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:23] Yeah.

Will Shelton: [00:03:23] Here. I really like some of the less famous Michael Crichton Books like Sphere. It was made into a terrible movie after they had tried like five of his other books into movies. But that is a really good interesting interesting book. So

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:42] Very cool.

Will Shelton: [00:03:42] Yeah.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:42] See you guys were way too smart for us in public school in Edgington Illinois. You know our required reading was like Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein.

Will Shelton: [00:03:56] Yeah Where the Sidewalk Ends is I mean it’s not a novel but also a favorite. Sure.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:01] I once memorized Sarah Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out. That was fun. So anyway and I just want to mention too, I thought I heard you say Judo Christian which I found like really really funny for some.

Will Shelton: [00:04:15] Like karate Jesus

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:16] Yes.

Will Shelton: [00:04:17] Yeah

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:17] There you go.

Will Shelton: [00:04:18] Yeah. I do. I’m a fan of. I like talking about karate Jesus in sermons. In terms of like when they came to arrest him to be crucified could he not have just turned into karate Jesus and taken everybody out so

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:33] Wax on wax

Will Shelton: [00:04:34] That

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:34] Off.

Will Shelton: [00:04:34] Maybe that was a Freudian slip there because I really do enjoy the image of karate Jesus.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:40] It’s very

Will Shelton: [00:04:40] So

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:40] Good. Yeah I like that. All right.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:43] So Vols. Yeah that’s why we’re

Will Shelton: [00:04:46] Right.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:46] Here.

Will Shelton: [00:04:47] Right.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:48] Ok. So we beat UTEP, but the score 24 to 0. Lots of people sort of grumpy about that. How’s your emotional level about a score of 24 0 versus UTEP.

Will Shelton: [00:05:04] I think you could kind of see it happening as the game was unfolding. I mean I know I saw it happening on my Twitter feed of people reliving the angst of scores that were far too close against inferior competition in the last few years. But this one was so different from those in terms of the way Tennessee actually dominated the opponent in yards per play and S&P+ those kinds of things. So you know we’ve covered the offense both as it happened and I know you wrote about this that when you fumble at the one yard line and when you have a chop block callback another touchdown. And when you’re coaching staff like it wasn’t that they didn’t seem disinterested in doing anything the way that Butch Jones and those guys often did when they were playing the North Texas of the world. But they certainly didn’t see they seem very confident that Tennessee was going to win the game as they should have been. And so you know they were efficient without trying to be overly explosive I’m not sure they thought they were going to score a touchdown on that little toss to Ty Chandler there even though it was the I think the first play of the second half right. So I think they coach that exactly the way they wanted to plus or minus a fumble at the one yard line so offensively you know Tennessee went up like 17 spots in S&P+ this week. And UTEP is literally the worst team in college football in that metric so you really have to handle them well to make that big of a jump when the the you know that system expects you to really dominate them.

Will Shelton: [00:06:40] I think the other thing too is the defense dominated in a non exciting way which is to say reminded me of some high school games that I’ve seen where the other team has just so much better that every drive is a punt. And like that’s not exciting there’s no interceptions there’s no goal line stands or turnovers or anything like that. But I mean it was just a complete boring. It was as dominating as you can be defensively while also doing that in the most boring way possible. So yeah like it wasn’t memorable you’re not going to at the end of the year say Oh remember this big play or whatever but still I mean incredibly impressive not that they shut them out but just that they made them punt on every single drive. That’s really good and impressive so yeah I think it was. I think if we don’t see the last couple of years of Tennessee struggling with UMass and Ohio I mean there’s a long list. You know UMass Ohio North Texas Southern Miss last year kind of things had already gone off the rail but even Indiana State last year was was closer play for play than it should have been. So if we hadn’t been through all of that the last couple of years I think folks would have really not had much to say about this game other than that is what happens when you fumble the one yard line.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:07:57] Yeah there’s something to be said about boring forgettable wins too. I remember watching a few weeks ago John Pennington had a bunch of 98 players on and they couldn’t remember that. I think it was Jeff Hall he said you know somebody said something about our win over who was at UAB that year and he said we

Will Shelton: [00:08:19] Yes.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:08:19] Didn’t play we didn’t play UAB. And Will Overstreet said that he didn’t remember the game either. So you know 20

Will Shelton: [00:08:28] Yeah

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:08:28] Years

Will Shelton: [00:08:28] That

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:08:28] Later

Will Shelton: [00:08:28] Was.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:08:29] But.

Will Shelton: [00:08:30] Well no that was that day was the day that Ohio State lost to Michigan State and so like I was in the stadium at Tennessee’s game. This is back. Back when the only way you could follow other games is if you had a radio or maybe you like five people in the stadium brought one of those portable handheld TV sort of contraptions. You know if you’re under the age of 20 you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. But anyway like people I think we beat UAB like 37 to 13 or something like that. But all anyone was interested in was watching Ohio State struggle and then ultimately watching them lose that game which meant Tennessee was number two going into the day which then Tennessee went to number one and they of course played Arkansas the next week. But yeah I remember being in the stadium that day and it was one of those games where once you got up two touchdowns on UAB you knew you were going to win. And then that slow trickling is Ohio State really going to go down to the Nick Saban’s Michigan State team. And finally what had happened seeing pockets of the stadium. I used to love this. It doesn’t happen as much anymore. Pockets of the stadium where people have radios or TVs celebrate when there was an interception. I think late in that game. So like I say I do the things I remember most about that they are not what Tennessee did against UAB. It’s that emotion of oh my gosh we’re going to be number one tomorrow so I can I can forgive Jeff Hall and Overstreet and those guys for forgetting as UAB. I think Houston was the other way that we beat Houston 42 to 7. So yeah those are those are not the games anyone thinks of when they think of 1998. It’s alright.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:10:05] I guess it’s fair to say that Hall and Overstreet probably didn’t have Ohio State Michigan State or whoever it was on on their little TV things done on the sidelines

Will Shelton: [00:10:15] They could have

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:10:16] Either.

Will Shelton: [00:10:16] Had the. The Bobby Denton update. That was the greats. You know how most of the stadium found out back then when you don’t have twitter or anything else is waiting for the P.A. announcer to to announce it over that thing. This happened a couple of years ago I think I wrote about this two years ago when we needed LSU to beat Florida to win the East. And we were playing Missouri. The fact that now not everyone’s phone the Wi-Fi in the stadium is terrible and not everyone’s phone was refreshing at the same time and so I know the game ended with LSU getting shut back shut down twice at the one yard line. But before there was a play before that that LSU like hit a big pass or something

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:10:59] Yeah

Will Shelton: [00:10:59] Where they got down to the 5 yard line or something. And I remember sitting there in the stands and seeing people all over the stadium start celebrating. I mean I remember saying over and over something good is happening. You know LSU must have won the game. Something good is happening but it was instead just people were delayed with their people were celebrating something that actually happened five minutes earlier. And then you know other people obviously were not jumping up and down realizing that Florida had won that game. So that’s just an interesting. That’s how things have changed inside Neyland Stadium when you’re trying to pay attention to other games that have a huge impact on Tennessee. It is. It has changed and the fact that we can’t all . . . we all needed a radio. No. No

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:11:40] Yeah

Will Shelton: [00:11:41] One had a radio. That’s what we needed and that moment was a radio. But technology was not our friend that day.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:11:46] Yeah. There are no more radios everybody streams over the phone and you know everybody. Like you said different time shift. So anyway I had to ask Brad another question about UTEP. But we’re done with UTEP. We don’t care about UTEP

Will Shelton: [00:12:00] Right.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:12:00] Anymore. Yeah.

Will Shelton: [00:12:01] Yeah not going to matter.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:12:02] All right. So Florida. I know I I’m berating myself for even asking this question because it just it sounds like a terrible question but I think there’s some value to it. So is the game Saturday between the two worst teams in the SEC East. And if so how depressing is that.

Will Shelton: [00:12:30] Maybe I think I think this division is close enough that at the end of the year you’re going to have like 3 2 and 6 teams or something like that. I don’t I don’t think there’s going to be honestly unless it’s unless it’s us unless it’s Tennessee. I don’t think you’re going to have you know a couple of oh and a couple of one in sevens and then some separation. I think you’ll probably have a handful of teams that are two in six or three and five or something like that. But in terms of again in terms of S&P plus right now these are the two worst team in the division. I know Tennessee was the worst team in the division last year. And you can probably argue that Florida was the second worst team. I mean maybe Vanderbilt but not at the end of the year. So so yeah. And I think the others it’s too early to judge South Carolina. South Carolina is kind of like Tennessee where you thought hey maybe they can sneak up on somebody that’s much better than them. And it turns out not at all. But I don’t know that we know a whole lot else about South Carolina other than they’re not nearly as good as Georgia much like Tennessee. They’re not nearly as good as West Virginia but I don’t know what else.

Will Shelton: [00:13:40] But Kentucky better than we thought should have beaten Florida by more than they did. Vanderbilt very real. You know Vanderbilt is such a fascinating as we go and talk about the way things used to be. Not too terribly long ago it was still you’d never pick Vanderbilt ever. Doesn’t matter who they are playing don’t pick Vanderbilt. They won’t win and now I mean they have hammered. It’s not like they’re hammering UTEP. They hammered Middle Tennessee and hammered Nevada which are teams that have programs that have had a pulse recently. And I mean one was 28 points and the other one was 31 points I think I mean just hammered those teams and had every right to beat Notre Dame in South Bend. That was a legitimate close game. I thought Shurmur is a really good quarterback and not just a really good quarterback by Vanderbilt standards so now all of a sudden I think when we start talking about Tennessee. It’s not even so much of oh Vanderbilt or oh South Carolina or whatever just the matchups. Vanderbilt not a particularly good looking matchup for Tennessee right now Missouri. Not a good looking matchup for Tennessee. I mean that looks like all kinds of West Virginia. So

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:14:54] Yeah.

Will Shelton: [00:14:54] Now if you’re if you’re trying to find so Tennessee needs to go three and five in the U.S. to get bowl eligible and then the other three wins come in the nonconference you know given if they beat Charlotte. So you’re trying to find three here. You know it’s not going to be Georgia Alabama and probably not Auburn. There’s a little bit of wiggle room. Go ahead. I think I had Auburn at 15 percent in the old win calculator machine this week. You had them. You had a noticeably higher than Alabama or Georgia right like there was

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:15:24] Yeah

Will Shelton: [00:15:24] There was a little separation there now. Yes. So

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:15:26] Yup

Will Shelton: [00:15:27] We got the bye week. It’s a potential trap game for Auburn. These are all things we’ll talk about in a couple of weeks. Auburn’s got Mississippi State the week before and Ole Miss the week after maybe a little trap space but probably not. So now you’re talking about. We’ve got to get three out of the rest of the East. Even if you get this one this is not the happy conversation we want to get. Even if you get the gators. All right. What’s the next easiest one. I don’t

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:15:56] Yeah.

Will Shelton: [00:15:56] Know how to answer that question. You know like Kentucky

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:00] Maybe

Will Shelton: [00:16:00] Legit

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:01] Yeah.

Will Shelton: [00:16:01] Good. Vanderbilt legit. And you know on the road. It is not Missouri

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:10] No

Will Shelton: [00:16:11] I

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:11] No

Will Shelton: [00:16:11] Promise you that. Not right now. So then they’re back to South Carolina. The one that some people are even still looping in with that stretch so nothing is I expect all five of those games to be toss ups. So there’s nothing that can happen in Tennessee Saturday that can guarantee an outcome in terms of both eligibility to me win or lose against Florida. You’re going to have four more of these toss ups and if you when you’re going to still need to win two of them and if you lose you’re going to win three of them which obviously is a greater challenge. So yeah it is. Are these the two worst teams in the SEC East. Maybe by some metrics right now. They are but I don’t I just don’t think there’s a lot of space there between South Carolina and Tennessee and the rest of the division outside of Georgia and the middle there. I just don’t see a whole lot of separation right now.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:17:04] Yeah and you know it’s weird because it does seem like Tennessee is improving. And you know your knee jerk reaction is well it’s it’s the opponents right that that’s why you feel like they’re improving but there’s something about it that even accounting for the level of competition just makes you feel a little better about the team doesn’t it. Is that just me.

Will Shelton: [00:17:29] No I think the I think Tennessee’s weaknesses are the things that they don’t do well right now are much more understandable than they were under Butch Jones when when. Like when I watch this team and I watch the secondary get dusted by West Virginia. I understand why that is. It’s in part because we’re choosing to play freshmen and West Virginia’s got really good players. So you can not like the answers about the pass rush but those especially you really find out this week. But the answer just may be hey we don’t have the players for that. And that’s going to be a recruiting issue. And that means to get pressure on the quarterback we’re going to have to blitz our tails off. And hope that those freshmen back there in the secondary are getting better. As. The year goes along When they don’t do things well offensively. So far. That has typically been because of a breakdown on the offensive line. And. I get it. Like I don’t like it but I get it I understand. So it’s not what we’ve seen recently where either Tennessee’s play calling is just really really frustrating and borderline ignorant or were intentionally just doing a whole bunch of crap behind the line of scrimmage and a lot of it goes backward and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of purpose.

Will Shelton: [00:18:53] And they’ve got unnecessary constraints on the guy who’s one more play away from being the starting quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers right now. So I think Tennessee’s weaknesses are apparent but they also are reasonable like it makes sense to me why we’re bad at the things we’re bad at and that helps me be able to say like hey yeah I like Missouri that’s a bad situation for us because we can’t put pressure on the quarterback and we’ve got freshmen on the back end. So like I’m not mad about it is what it is. You know so some of that stuff is is I think it’s just more understandable situations happening right now and it’s you know Jeremy Pruitt’s had one recruiting class so you can’t say oh we should’ve got better players in here. So that that to me has made things I think more than anything it just makes things a little more simple. With this team and that’s why we talked about leading into the season and what we see in these first three games is hey look look at every play look at progress. And I see. And I think everybody sees baby steps of progress you just also see in some places. Hey we’ve we’ve still got a really long way to go.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:20:04] Yeah you keep hearing Pruitt talk about consistency being the thing. And you know what. He’s right you know because they can do some things really well at times. But when you don’t get you know all 11 doing it right each time then that’s one weakness that can blow up a whole play and you blow up enough those plays. They start adding up and you get real problems. So anyway the other thing I was going to say you know those freshmen back there by the time we play Missouri and if they get torched everybody will say well they’re not freshmen anymore which is one of my favorite things ever for people to say because you know what they are still freshmen. Everybody else got older too. You know. So

Will Shelton: [00:20:48] And there too it doesn’t even matter so much about . . . . If we still can’t generate a pass rush up front and you’re going against I mean Drew Lock is an NFL quarterback. Hey Kyle Shurmur might be. I don’t know. We’ll see. But you know you can generate pressure at some point you can only cover those guys for so long. And some of that is on Pruitt. And I think this is another area of progress. Is learning how risk averse he should or shouldn’t be when it comes to calling a defense against an offense that’s got some firepower. This one Saturday should not fall into that category as much. But you know he’s learning too here’s how much I can ask of these guys and sometimes the consequence is like I mean I think he’s even said there isn’t times against West Virginia we’re like hey our guys were where they were supposed to be and just get beat like they’re guarding better players. So you know I really I can I’ve heard a couple of people say this and I wrote about it a little bit.

Will Shelton: [00:21:55] I like that Pruitt admits his own mistakes and his own flaws. He’s learning how to do this too. I think there’s a whole, when we’re talking before we started recording about Brad’s podcast and talking about Derek Dooley like there’s a whole fascinating thing of Tennessee coaches and how they communicate to us as fans because we’ve seen so many different guys in so many different personalities over the last ten years and both football and basketball that you know like I think Bruce Pearl ruined us all in this regard because he

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:22:26] Yeah.

Will Shelton: [00:22:26] Was both incredibly entertaining and also won a lot of games. But you know Dooley was Dooley was usually correct in what he said about his team. It’s also his job to make those adjustments that he never really made. But you know I think hearing especially after Butch Jones hearing Pruitt talk about hey I could have done this better hey I’ve got to do this better. After five years of a coach that within his personality or whatever reason did not want to admit any mistakes even when mistakes were obvious that that is refreshing to me. You know Pruitt will have to learn. Tyson Helton will have to learn fast enough to keep their jobs and so on and so forth as far as all that goes. And this is I wrote about it already this is a big test this week for Pruitt and Helton both to say how how long are we going to be patient with the run game against these guys. How much are you going to trust. Guarantano against the best defense he’s seen all year. You’re going to need more from him to win this game. So we’ll learn more as it goes but I think within reason those guys are off to a good start and I have enjoyed Pruitt talking fairly candidly it seems like about his team and individual players and himself in ways that after Butch Jones and knowing this guy came from Nick Saban. I wasn’t sure we were going to get that. You know I thought we might get again the Cuonzo Martin School of we lost this game because we didn’t make shots. Yeah I know that. But please elaborate. And I think he’s. Done. Barnes is good at this too. You know. Doing a good job elaborating on some things And being honest while also doing so in a way that’s not throwing your own team under the bus a little bit as Dooley could do sometimes. So I was I have been more encouraged just by what he says and admitting some flaws and admitting his own growing pains that has been refreshing to me and I’m I know I’m not the only one on that

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:24:29] That’s Will Shelton. That’ll do it for the Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast this evening we’ll have another one where we talk more about Florida later on this week. Brad is up the next day and then Will the night after that. So please subscribe so you don’t miss anything. Give us a rating. Give us a review. Make it a good one. Bonus points for using the phrase I guess we’re going to go with Dooley’s Sack of Potatoes again because that was from last night. And that was good enough. So for Will Shelton I’m Joel Hollingsworth and this has been the Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast.

Will Shelton: [00:25:11] S I D D H A R T H A Hermann Hesse

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:25:16] Is that Indian.

Will Shelton: [00:25:18] Yeah I feel

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:25:18] Buika

Will Shelton: [00:25:19] Like I should like the shout out. I think my freshman English teacher because we did a lot of Shakespeare there but that was also a required reading in high school. And so shout out to either Ms Scruggs freshman year or Dr. Clark sophomore year for putting that in front of me.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:25:42] So Will are you saying that Derek Dooley is like the doctor who says hey you have cancer. Good luck.

Will Shelton: [00:25:50] I have I just have this image not the image I have the audio of Dooley. We may be talking about this before the end of 2011 when he was so tired of getting asked about when Tyler Bray was coming back and he just goes. He has a broken thumb like like exasperated because you know we were getting hammered by everyone we were playing and Matt Sims and Justin Worley were not inspiring any confidence and so it’s like a fanbase will Tyler Bray to come back for that Vanderbilt game you know. But I love you know he he Dooley was great at press conferences and all that stuff.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:26:28] There’s probably an upper level communications course that should be taught by Beverly Davenport. That that is basically you know the what you should do when you’re communicating with fans is the new coach is what the other guy who just got fired didn’t do. So you do that you’re going to be fine. There’s your 400 level course. I’ll take my billion dollar paycheck and go retire on the Tennessee River.

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Isaac Bishop
Isaac Bishop

Great podcast as usual fellas! When you mentioned about not paying attention to the UAB game and listening to the OSU-MSU on the radio instead my mind went straight to that UT-Mizzou game. I was one of those guys who was wondering why everyone was cheering when LSU was stopped.

You know, with the Sugar Bowl in sight no one even realized that would be our last SEC win for over a year.