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  • If you read only one thing about the Vols today . . .

    . . . make it this, from Wes Rucker at 247Sports:

    Enjoy the No. 1 ranking, Vols fans. You earned it.

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  • Almost eight years ago, I sat in a hotel room in Lexington, KY and wrote this:

    This marriage is worth saving. We can survive without each other, but it will not be the same. And I do not believe that Bruce P […]

  • After signing his first 5-star at Tennessee in G Josiah James, along with Wing Davonte Gaines and Stretch-4 Drew Pember, it appeared that Rick Barnes was finished recruiting for the 2019 class.  After all, the […]

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  • Tennessee jumped to a 16-4 lead in the first eight minutes, then stretched it out to 44-29 with a minute to play before halftime; a Bama three made the Vol lead a dozen at the break. Jim Chaney and Tee Martin […]

    • Well, Coach Barnes will have a lot of material to work with this week during practices. Not sure what was happening around the rim, but loose balls were not coming our way and the tips were not falling on the offensive end. It may be as simple as blocking out or more the matchups, but it is definitely area to work on. It is excellent that the Vols toughed it out and got the W with a poor 2nd offensive display. This will be important as the schedule gets tougher and when the tournament starts. Go Vols !!

    • We 1 but. We shot horribly in the second half and the NBA coach ran isolation plays on the hot hand (Petty). We are fortunate that Petty can’t shoot a FT to save his life and that he cooled off. We did not rebound, scramble for loose balls or pay anything resembling tough defense for the early part of the second half. It’s a second half that should have seen us lose by double digits. Yuck.

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  • As Tennessee hits the home stretch of the 2019 class it has an incredibly limited number of spots to add more players, and despite what was a very successful Early Signing Period haul there are still needs at […]

  • So maybe we should start here with these previews: Tennessee is a 15-point favorite over Alabama in KenPom, 16.7 in ESPN’s BPI. That’s the bar this team has set for itself. So we’ll spend a few words here talking […]

    • I hope Barnes has their attention after the 2H of the Arkansas game. Need to play a full game, stay out of foul trouble… and defend everything… the Vols are very capable, but can they stay focused !?! Go Vols!!

    • Bama is incredibly dangerous – an NBA coach, physical, nasty team, They seem to be getting better and will cause us problems if we don’t bring the intensity. I hope TBA learns how to rock and roll like Neyland in the 90’s. Wouldn’t a wall of sound be awesome?

    • Too close for comfort.

  • If you read only one thing about the Vols today . . .

    . . . make it this, from The Athletic:

    Strained bodies and minds and embracing change: Former […]

  • If you read only one thing about the Vols today . . .

    . . . make it this, from 247Sports:

    Arkansas’ Mike Anderson: Tennessee is nation’s best team

    Other Vols stuff worth reading today

    Relative to 2019 […]

  • With the NFL early entrant deadline
    having come and gone, we can now take a look at the landscape as it relates to
    Tennessee and its 2019 opponents. 

    The Vols were able to avoid any
    significant losses to the […]

    • Mizzou picked up Bryant as a QB from Clemson. I’m actually more worried about that than much of anything else. Lock hurt us badly the last couple of years and I was hoping Mizzou would have question marks at QB. It doesn’t look like it though.

  • The Tennessee Volunteers (15-1, 4-0 SEC) beat the Arkansas Razorbacks 106-87 in Thompson-Boling Arena last night. It was the first time they hit the 100-point mark against an SEC opponent since 2008, and it was […]

    • This team plays offense like a Jerry Green squad and defense like Cuonzo. That 2000 team hit 100+ four times and 90+ (free cinnamon rolls!) three more times.

    • Scott replied 6 days ago

      I love that Barnes isn’t satisfied. I feel this team really plays to please not just themselves and each other, but CRB as well. I felt like watching the last 5 or 6 minutes of that game that the Vols got sloppy and took their foot off the gas because the game was in hand. I knew Barnes was not going to be happy or complimentary of that game because of that. He is the kind of coach that gets, expects and demands the best effort form his players for a full 40 minutes. And that’s awesome!!

      • Just to be clear — I love that, too, even though I’m also having fun with it.

        • Sure I understood the fun intended in the article. Don’t take my comment as critical at all. I just love how Barnes holds this team to such a high standard. We need that on the football team and women’s BB team as well. I think we have it in football. As far as the women’s, well……

          • It’s really an artform, and Barnes is exceptional at it. The balance he has with his players — being extremely critical of them while at the same time making sure that they know he loves them anyway — is something to behold. Love the person, forgive the faults, but still always strive for perfection.

    • A fun read Joel. In all seriousness… our guys have a tougher schedule down the stretch. I believe Barnes will keep them focused. Go Vols!!

    • I get what Barnes is saying. We did play very sloppy the last 10 minutes and we let them score a boatload of points. Fortunately they didn’t have and answer for our offense. Play like that against better teams and you lose the lead and then the game.

      Having said that, this year just feels different. Before this year I always watched games and followed the season waiting for the other shoe to drop. We’d blow leads or run into teams that just beat us. I never felt comfortable with a lead until the buzzer sounded. This year I’m still waiting on a shoe but it’s a big, orange boot to the other team’s head. Memphis is playing us hard? No problem. Florida is up by 7? No biggie. We got this. I never even really doubted we could finish the Gonzaga game. We just look and feel different this year.

      I rather like it.

    • Barnes thinks we wasted a whole half of “getting better every day’. He hates bad basketball and complacency. He doesn’t want it to infect this team because he knows it can be really special.

      As I’ve said elsewhere, the national audience compares overall record, eye test and stat analytics to see who’s #1. A second half like that doesn’t help our defensive efficiency ranking (22) when people look at KenPom to compare us against UVA (2) and Michigan (3). We are up there on the offensive side (2), which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Barnes doesn’t give a rip about KenPom. But the voters do.

      We just want wins and to cut down the nets.

  • Tee Martin’s coming home.

    Martin’s return to Rocky Top is yet another wave of refreshing news for Vols fans. As with the Chaney news a few days ago, there are a lot of reasons to like this hire: He brings even […]

    • During those three years, Martin signed 22 4-star players and 11 5-stars. Can you imagine what Tennessee’s roster would look like if he able replicate those results here? I believe Coach Pruitt has assembled a very good recruiting staff that can also coach up the players. It might be wishful thinking on my part, but i would love to see the bulk of this staff stay in place for 3 to 4 years.

      • Some of that certainly had to do with the fact that he was recruiting to USC and not to a tottering Tennessee team, but he certainly knows how to close the deal when there’s something to sell. And I love that he not only has deep roots in key areas of the south — “home” on Rocky Top, Alabama, Georgia — but now also has key connections out West.

  • The return of Tee Martin to Tennessee to the Tennessee staff
    is a big deal both in terms of perception – he’s a former National Championship
    winning QB with a street named after him on campus and most rec […]

  • Here’s what I wrote Monday afternoon:

    Tennessee’s quest for #1 takes a backseat this week: #1 Duke and #4 Virginia play Saturday in Durham (6:00 PM ET ESPN), and the winner will almost certainly be ranked […]

    • I am sure it is not lost on the guys that tonight is stop 3 in the revenge tour to avenge last year’s SEC losses (UGA and Mizzou down, Arkansas and Bama this week, Auburn later).

      Coach Barnes will keep them focused, but it’s hard to overlook the opportunity in the next month. 6 of 9 at home, 3 roadies against 5 of the worst teams in the league per KenPom (Vandy, A&M, USCe despite the 3-0 start), Florida the only opponent ranked higher than 55th…

      It could be a really fun mid-January to mid-February.

  • If you read only one thing about the Vols today . . .

    . . . make it this, from Will:

    Where 2018 Ranks in the Last 50 Years of Tennessee Football

    Other Vols stuff worth reading today

    Rucker: Special […]

    • Man, there’s some really good and really bad in that 2011 post, especially together with the S&P+ post. We both can and cannot think of ourselves as in that class with Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, and LSU.

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