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Josh Dobbs leans on Peyton Manning to prepare for the NFL Draft

Josh Dobbs

By Bryan Lynn, LC Action Photos.

I don’t know whether we’ve ever had anyone smarter on the roster than VFL former quarterback Josh Dobbs. I’m betting that one the things that makes him so smart, though, is that he knows when to listen to the master. And Dobbs has relied on none other than another VFL former quarterback in the ever-awesome Peyton Manning to help get ready for the NFL Draft. Dobbs told this to Pro Football Talk Live:

“The best advice, easily, I’ve ever gotten from Peyton Manning is the importance of preparation,” Dobbs said. “He just talks about his preparation each and every week, his pre-snap process, his communication at the quarterback position and how important those three areas were. And then to go on the field with him and see the importance of each and every rep. Every rep is important and he’s trying to maximize that rep and make it a game rep. So to see how important your preparation is and seeing how important each rep is that’s definitely made me a better quarterback in my college career and that’s something I’ve learned and will take to the next level.”

The best learn from the best.