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Today will go down in college football history, and the narrative will not be kind to Tennessee fans following a social-media frenzy that included state legislators, prominent boosters, former players and some media members who demanded the university not hire Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano as UT’s next head coach.

Don’t let that deter what happened. People don’t always view doing the right thing in the best way. It still doesn’t make it less right.

Look, it’s important that we get this out of the way up front:  I sincerely hope that Schiano didn’t know anything about incarcerated serial-rapist Jerry Sandusky during his time as a Penn State assistant. But the bottom line is that Schiano’s name — for better or worse — was associated with the allegations. By now, you’ve read about the details.

I hope Schiano is a good man, a good father, a good leader of men, though his time in the NFL and myriad stories about different situations don’t really back up the latter. That doesn’t mean he’s a molestation enabler. Maybe he didn’t know anything at all, ever. Maybe he did.

There’s a gray area in there Tennessee administrators should not have been comfortable with, and that gray area is why the uproar ensued Sunday.

I believe Sunday’s revolt happened for the right reasons. Many national media members chose to run with the narrative that Tennessee fans were unhappy with Schiano’s football coaching acumen, and that’s the reason for the “faux outrage.” Are there some in that category? Absolutely. But the vast majority rebelled against the hire because of morality issues they simply couldn’t reconcile.

As a Tennessee fan, as a writer who covers the Vols, as a graduate of the school, as a father, as a man who tries to live with integrity, I cannot justify my football program operating in the Wilderness of Maybe. I’d rather lose for the next 10 years with somebody I can rally behind rather than have to worry about whether the person leading my team knew about one of the most heinous episodes in the history of sports and did nothing about it.

When there is literally an endless pool of candidates out there, to even wade into that deep end on the heels of a Title IX lawsuit and in the wake of all the Butch Jones atrocities that pale in comparison to anything associated with Penn State, it’s a tone-deaf decision for athletic director John Currie to go this route.

That’s why Vols fans everywhere had to unite and cry out for this to be rescinded. If it winds up costing Tennessee buyout money, so be it. It should come from Currie’s paycheck first and mega-booster Jim Haslam’s pocket second. If it winds up costing Tennessee wins, well, it is still the right decision. If it winds up costing Tennessee face in the public eye, this administration and athletic department have been public relations debacles for years; why should this be any different?

Could Sunday’s unprecedented outcry make this a more difficult hire for Tennessee now that Schiano is off the table? Absolutely it could. But if that’s the case, blame Currie; don’t blame a fan base that has had enough of poor on-the-field decisions, even poorer off-the-field decisions and didn’t want to pin its hopes of a program teetering on the brink of extinction on someone you’d be afraid to send your son to play for.

Currie’s smug arrogance in all of this and his refusal to understand the pulse of his fans, former players, fellow administrators and his state are grounds for dismissal in their own rights. But if Tennessee chooses to stay with somebody who may be a mouthpiece for the same decision-maker failures who have led us to this current state of a laughingstock program, at the very least Sunday could serve as a wake-up call.

You can continue to force-feed us with third-rate coaches and a program that continually stoops to all-time lows, but you can’t make us swallow our pride while you’re doing it. We will buy our tickets and fill your stadium, but we won’t compromise our beliefs to do it. And if we have to sacrifice a few puppets like Currie along the way, so be it.

The bottom line is that a bunch of the same national media members criticizing us for taking a stand for reasons they can’t back with facts but still fit into 280-character hot takes would have been criticizing the hire as a bad one had we stayed quiet. It’s only a matter of whether we want to read stories about how we blocked a potentially morally reprehensible hire or how we hired somebody who may be morally reprehensible.

The narrative only slightly changed.

If you don’t think Nick Saban would use Schiano’s possible checkered resume against the Vols the first chance he got in a prospect’s living room, you’re insane. It’s a narrow-minded hire that checks plenty of boxes but leaves many of the moral ones blank.

That we are even having this conversation is the clearest picture of Currie’s ineptitude and this administration’s continuing lack of grasp on the program it’s consistently running into the ground.

So, where do we go from here? That’s a question I cannot answer. That we were ever “here” in the first place speaks to the abject failure that is Tennessee’s athletic director, Board of Trustees and decision-makers. Why would we have any belief that it’s going to get better? They do not deserve the benefit of the doubt.

But those trumpeting the, “Tennessee will never be able to hire anybody now!” narrative is overlooking the fact that, Penn State stuff aside, Schiano was at best a mediocre coach and a coordinator who left the NFL after one year due to what was essentially a player mutiny. It isn’t like we just severed ties with somebody who could coach like Knute Rockne or inspire millions like Mr. Rogers.

Tennessee’s 12-day, one-man-led search wound up with Schiano, a man with too much baggage to sell a fan base trying to move beyond the failures of the past. There are a lot of questions surrounding Schiano, and this is a group of followers sick of having to answer questions, sick of having to justify second-rate hires and sick of supporting a bunch of administrators more worried about saving a dollar than saving face.

UT may wind up failing at this coaching search the same way it has the past three times, but exactly none of that will be because of what happened Sunday. Today was a victory worth fighting and worth winning.

We may not ever be able to brag about our football program, Vols fans. But, today, we should be proud of each other.


  1. ” We will buy our tickets and fill your stadium”

    Actually Brad no we will NOT !!!

    I as well as a lot of people now days like to voice our opinions with our wallets. A typical family of 4 would spend $600 plus on tickets/concessions/souvenirs at one game.

    The product on the field better be worth it for me to spend that type of money for a few hours on a given Saturday

  2. Bev to John… “Well John, this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into”. Go Vols!!

  3. Just my opinion but David Blackburn is not doing anything as he resigned at UTC AD a few months ago. But replacing Currie right now puts us further behind on a coaching search. Or we could just go completely radical and fire Currie and crowd source the AD and football HC hires.

  4. Apparently after Sunday, Tennessee has reached out to Brohm and Martin. Hopefully this won’t get screwed up, but I don’t know how candidates will take Currie seriously.

  5. It’s not really sympathy, but this is a really great article that might improve your spirits in a time where it seems every sports media hates us. I encourage everyone to take a look. I feel it really captures a lot of what I was thinking.


  6. While most of the national media is excoriating TN fans, I appreciated Andy Staples take: https://www.si.com/college-football/2017/11/27/greg-schiano-tennessee-coach-protest-penn-state

    Oh wait, edit: haha Isaac Bishop just posted the same story! Great minds…
    But yes, I think this nicely captures where the ultimate responsibility for this fiasco rests: Currie et. al.
    Also, in his podcast, Staples notes the existence of a substantial conflict of interest for many national media members: the desire to stay on Jimmy Sexton’s good side and not talk badly about Schiano.

  7. Finebaum ripped Currie a new one.


    With him reeling, can we trust Currie to make it right? There doesn’t seem to be another alternative besides Currie being removed.

    • Now the boosters want him out. It’s probably inevitable at this point.

      • Probably, but that’s going to cost a lot. 5.5 million according to his MOU unless they can find some reason to fire him for cause (as long as I’m reading it right).

        • I’m sure you are right, but how the heck does an AD make $5.5M ??? Even if you think of him as the CEO for the football and basketball brands at UT, it seems like an over payment.

          • I don’t think he’s making $5.5 million a year, if that’s what you mean.

            I read somewhere that he gets $100k per month left on his contract. And his contract ran to some point in 2022.

            So I’d bet he makes in that same $1 mil a year area. Still a lot, but I’d bet in line with most AD’s at the big schools.

          • Good point. I wasn’t clear. That’s what I get for commenting while on a conf call. Should have said, “how does he merit a $5.5M severance”? I’m sure it’s market with other SEC ADs but seems like very few of them are worth it.

  8. Looks like Tee Martin is the new number one target.

    Kiffin is being mentioned a bunch, especially by Majors.

    I have a feeling Broom said no. Kinda wonder who’s next after these candidates?

    • Ya know, it makes me a bit queasy to say this, but I think I could choke down a second round of Kiffin. I didn’t think I’d ever get there, but I might just be there now.

      All of the really good choices are gone. I think the public perception on the Schiano debacle (and I agree with Brad here that I think those in the national media are off about him) means any sliver of a chance we had a stealing a big name from another school is gone. I’m not super thrilled about any of the names being tossed around. But I’d still take any of them of Schiano, anyone else connected to that scandal or Briales/Baylor.

      Kiffin was brash and a diva. He had some recruiting violations. But, those are minor compared to what we were just offered. And he at least knew how to coach, and has shown it in multiple places. My hope would be that he has learned a bit from Saban to tone it down a bit, not that he needs to entirely mimic Saban. If he can do that, I’d be willing to give him a second chance.

      *Side note: I don’t get why people are shocked about not wanting any connection to the Sandusky scandal. To me the same applies to Briles/Baylor. I’m super interested after this to see the reactions if someone from the Briles scandal is ever hired and how that gets portrayed.

      • Granted, I thought there was a 0.0% chance we would hire Schiano…but I think there’s a 0.0% chance it’s Lane Kiffin.

        • Fair enough, I claim no real insight as to what might actually happen. Never have had “insider” info. Most on here have more real insight as to what might happen. I just like to state who I like and think would be a good hire. And I’ve just about reached that point of standing a second go of Kiffin.

          I saw a couple of things about Tee Martin becoming a top candidate now. Again, I wasn’t too hot on the idea of that when he was brought up during phase 1 of this search. That mostly had to do with whether or not he was ready to be a HC or not. I loved the dream of Gruden coming in and bringing Tee back into the fold as the new OC though and having a large contingent of Vols on the staff in general (I was aware enough to no that was an extremely unlikely scenario at least).

          Given the situation now, I’d be pretty happy with him as HC, and still the added bonus of him being back in the fold obviously.

          But like I said, just my opinion. What do I know? lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  9. Davenport didn’t sign the memorandum of understanding. Schiano can’t sue lol.

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