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GRT Podcast 9.19.18


[00:03:55] Quick takes on the news items of the day.
[00:07:07] Our game predictions, and why.
[00:10:47] The list of priorities for the Vols against the Gators.
[00:19:10] Brad’s answers to this week’s Guessing Game questions.


Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:12] This is the Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast Episode 151. I’m Joel Hollingsworth and I’m with Brad Shepherd tonight. Brad you. You missed the milestone episode 150. What do you have to say for yourself.

Brad Shepard: [00:00:29] I feel like I’ve probably been a part of about 50 of those maybe 70 of those and

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:36] That’s a big . . .

Brad Shepard: [00:00:37] Since I’ve been blogging we’ve been pretty bad. So I would say probably 50 of those were sad podcasts so I hope you guys were a little bit uplifting on your 150

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:51] We did our best. We were talking about UTEP mostly so that helped. Although

Brad Shepard: [00:00:55] That does.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:00:56] We did get into a little bit of Florida but yeah it was a big milestone. We’re trying to figure out you know what is the gift for 150. Will thought it was candy I thought it was a sack of potatoes. Do you have an opinion.

Brad Shepard: [00:01:09] Oh sack of potatoes is a great answer because I love the sack of potatoes as we all know

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:16] I was spreading that rumor all over Twitter you know.

Brad Shepard: [00:01:22] Because of because of our head coach. Now I would say that a scan of the scan a can of Skoal or a scan

Brad Shepard: [00:01:29] Of coal. I don’t know what I don’t know what a scan of coal is but a can of Skoal was I think the gift for 150 podcast should be

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:37] Scan of coal. You know I mean that’s you know you just put it on the copier or you press the button and you send it to your e-mail. You know

Brad Shepard: [00:01:45] Scanned at Kohl’s maybe. I don’t know.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:01:47] There we go. All right. So anyway we’ve got we’ve got several Vols related things to get to tonight. So I want to get the warm up question out of the way first. Brad what is the what’s the best game that you’ve ever been to in person Vols or not. Do you have one that comes immediately to mind

Brad Shepard: [00:02:06] 1998 Tennessee Florida and I mean you know I’ve been to a lot of games a lot of good games but that game was it was the outcome that we all wanted. It was just you know the I mean history has has has really made it kind of stand out but from an atmosphere standpoint after game standpoint and it was just you know it was loud it was intense it was constant and then we were rewarded for it. It was just great. And as much as as much as the Arkansas game was awesome at the end that game was not fun at all.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:02:44] Is

Brad Shepard: [00:02:44] The

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:02:44] Arain

Brad Shepard: [00:02:45] Game

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:02:45] Right.

Brad Shepard: [00:02:46] It was it was awful. And even though you know it’s a little bit lesser on the scale but you know Tennessee Cal 2006 was was a whole lot of fun because the stadium was raucous and ready and and Tennessee really kind of poured it on. So there have been some good games and or been several of them but nothing really compares to 98 Tennessee Florida. For me

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:13] Yeah I was at that Cal game too and it was at the game where the guy from Cal was saying oh you know Neyland can’t be nothing. You know we have fans here too. We even have car flags or something like that.

Brad Shepard: [00:03:24] Yes.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:25] So

Brad Shepard: [00:03:26] Yeah.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:26] We ramped it up just a little bit just for him. Actually I had a young child in 98 so I didn’t see and I’m not sure I saw any games live that year except you know on TV live. So the one that I was at was. Was it 2016. Jauan Jennings Florida that was a good one. When we just finally started rolling against them that was that was awesome.

Brad Shepard: [00:03:55] Sure.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:03:55] So they were a bunch of stuff happened today. Defensive lineman Kingston Harris is moved to offensive line quickly. Good. Good move bad move just short answer.

Brad Shepard: [00:04:10] Not I’m not sure I mean I’ll like Kingston Harrison’s potential at defensive line. I think this is something that you know Pruitt is going to be known for his time at Tennessee I think that he’s going to look going to give guys extended positions to see if they can help and Harris definitely fits the bill from a size standpoint and Tennessee needs some help on that offensive line. If he’s ever going to be able to help this year. But you know what if he goes over there and he’s all of a sudden very good tennis he did that with Jashon Robertson and he pretty much

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:43] Yeah.

Brad Shepard: [00:04:44] caught on immediately and became Tennessee’s best offensive lineman for a while. So I got no problem trying it out especially considering Harris was not in the defensive line rotation as it was

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:04:54] Yeah it sort of really shines a light on the loss of Kennedy too. Maybe it’s just a numbers thing. He just needed another body over there. But you know I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. Also the hoops landed a five star point guard and Josiah James I don’t know anything about him yet except he’s a five star point guard. And if Rick Barnes can do what he’s done with the guys that he’s already had you start adding some blue chip talent into that lineup and watch out that’s going to be awesome. Quarte’ Sapp apparently will return to action this weekend. He’s been filling in I guess mostly and backup duty. Is that right. But having him

Brad Shepard: [00:05:35] Has been he’s had a bone bruise

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:05:36] Yeah.

Brad Shepard: [00:05:37] And

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:05:37] So he’ll be there and ready to help. But apart from the news you know the big thing is the Gators come to town this weekend. So it’s it’s a rivalry

Brad Shepard: [00:05:47] Pretty

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:05:47] Game

Brad Shepard: [00:05:47] Important

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:05:48] That is pretty important. It’s right up there with . . . I don’t know, class. And you know the things you’re supposed to say. So anyway the game.

Brad Shepard: [00:05:59] Yeah. There’s class.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:06:00] Yeah.

Brad Shepard: [00:06:01] It’s not quite as big as psych 101 but you know it’s pretty big

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:06:07] Well it’s not like you know if it was finals maybe maybe a different deal. But this seems

Brad Shepard: [00:06:11] Right.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:06:12] Like finals in the fourth week of the season. You know that’s kind of what Florida does to us. Right. So it’s a rivalry game it’s a night game. The schools released this awesome hype video with Admiral Schofield narrating that is just spectacular. Have you seen that yet.

Brad Shepard: [00:06:27] It is great. It’s great

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:06:29] It is awesome. He

Brad Shepard: [00:06:30] Yeah

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:06:30] Did

Brad Shepard: [00:06:30] I’m

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:06:30] A fantastic

Brad Shepard: [00:06:30] A big fan

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:06:31] Job.

Brad Shepard: [00:06:31] Of.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:06:31] He’s like a little actor or something that dude on that little bit you know.

Brad Shepard: [00:06:35] I mean that guy he is. He’s impressive at whatever he does. He’s just a just a top notch all around kid an ambassador to the program. I mean it’s it’s it’s very cool. Yeah everybody needs to watch that.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:06:48] Yeah love that dude. Everybody needs to watch that two or three times every day until Florida until the game. So on top of that it’s payback time. You know times two or four I’ve kind of lost count at this point. How many revenge things we owe them. But basically it’s

Brad Shepard: [00:07:07] Times 12 out of 13.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:07:07] A big game. Times 12 out of 13 that’ll do it. It’s a big game. So my my statsy preview machine I ran it tonight. It’s weighed in it’s calling for a close one. It says Tennessee 23 Florida 22 win for the good guys. So that’s that’s that’s going to be my prediction it goes live in the morning. So Brad what are you expecting he expected a close one. Not a close one yet another new and thrilling way to develop nausea. What do you think.

Brad Shepard: [00:07:40] It’s really unbelievable that that’s what the machine spit out that that’s what you’re predicting because I literally just finished writing my locks and keys column because I’m out of out of pocket tomorrow night and probably night. So I went ahead and got that in the hopper and of course as longtime readers know up with a prediction in there and predicted it. Tennessee 24 to 23. So

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:08:03] All right. Well there

Brad Shepard: [00:08:05] That’s

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:08:05] You go.

Brad Shepard: [00:08:06] Pretty crazy that it’s that close. I mean so I’m feeling at one point close victory like that. You know it’s I mean it’s it really could go either way. And that’s what that’s what’s great about the game this year. And you know everybody wants to talk about well this could be could be the battle for last in the EAst and we talked about that last week

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:08:27] Know

Brad Shepard: [00:08:27] In a couple days ago actually feels like last week. But you know I mean move beyond that is still Tennessee still very important to us. Very important to them. It’s actually in my opinion. And I called this out too. I think it’s probably the most important Tennessee Florida game in in several years and it’s not because it’s for the east but it’s really because we know that Tennessee and Florida are the two programs in the east that have the resources that have the the pedigree to have the history that have you know the recruiting ability to step up and play with Georgia and they’re not going to this year. But this is step one toward reclaiming that status and whether it be Florida wins and they use that as a catapult and you know start recruiting better. And you know it look good for Mullen’s you know kind of a notch in his belt for his first season or whether Pruitt can kind of get an early signature win I call it what you will. This might not be a really good Florida team but it’s still Florida. So an early signature win in Tennessee you can use that on the recruiting trail. But you know the bottom line is is that these teams needed for bowl eligibility more than anything especially

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:09:45] Yeah.

Brad Shepard: [00:09:46] After Tennessee loses to West Virginia and Florida loses to Kentucky. When you look at those upcoming schedules you know Florida’s got LSU you every year like we’ve got Alabama every year and those look like definite losses this year for both teams and so when in Tennessee obviously has to play Auburn and in Georgia. And you know it’s it’s just it looks like and with Kentucky and for Kentucky and Vanderbilt and Missouri and South Carolina being better than what they’ve been in recent years if Tennessee loses this game you’re looking at having to win three out of four. And that’s that’s tough. I mean that’s I don’t want to say it’s impossible but it’s improbable at this point. So the winner of this game both of these teams need a win not only to get the program started not only to look good in recruiting not only to make your fans feel better about the hire you made but to make it to the postseason this year. I think it’s a vital game for both programs.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:10:47] So what does the list of priorities look like for the Vols this weekend. Maybe top three. What’s at the top of the list.

Brad Shepard: [00:10:57] The top of the list is protecting Guarantano because you know that’s Jarrett’s proven that he can throw them that he can throw the ball he’s actually look good against pressure this year at times. But we all saw what this offense could be like in the first few snaps of that West Virginia game. If they don’t get you know good proper protection. And I feel like this Florida pass rush is much better than West Virginia’s pass rush. So you know it’s to get C.C. Jefferson. But I mean he was back last week but he comes back in full strength this week. They’ve already got Jabari Zuniga over on the other edge. So they’ve got two legit pass rushers not elite pass rushers but legit pass rushers they can get pressure on Tennessee and quite frankly as I talked about in the locks and keys column tomorrow. I mean Drew Drew Richmond and Trey Smith. Neither been very good this year and that’s something that Tennessee has really desperately got to improve on the edges in this game to protect Gurantano and if they do feel like that Guarantano has enough weapons and has proven he can make all the throws that Tennessee can really get some things in the passing game because or are secondary. It’s not what we’re used to Florida’s secondary being. So if if he just has time to throw the football. Tennessee is going to be able to make some plays downfield and that’s going to be vitally important to not only maintaining these drives but also some of those flash plays that Tennessee not had against Florida. They did a couple years ago but they’ve not consistently had this long period of you know being worse than the Gators. So I think that that’s important. The offensive line, number one. Number two.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:12:44] Let me

Brad Shepard: [00:12:44] I

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:12:44] Stop

Brad Shepard: [00:12:44] Know

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:12:45] You

Brad Shepard: [00:12:45] That.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:12:45] Right there just for a second.

Brad Shepard: [00:12:45] Yes. For sure

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:12:47] You mentioned that Florida’s secondary is not what we’re used to. Why is that because a lot of us are just focused on Tennessee. Can you elaborate on Florida’s secondary.

Brad Shepard: [00:12:57] Well they’re just younger. I mean they’re not. There’s not a lot of proven players out there and you know they’ve got they’ve got some guys back there. But you know they don’t have the they don’t have the really elite players back there that they’ve had in the recent past. And it’s and it’s. And frankly McElwain you know even struggled to recruit those guys in the last couple years so some of the guys that they’ve got back there that are young and talented are not quite as talented as we’ve seen in the past so you know they’re they’re kind of scrambling around back there too. Now they’ve got some players. I’m not I’m not I mean Florida’s always going to have players were always going to have athletes but you know they’ve got some guys. I mean Kentucky has a JUCO quarterback Terry Wilson who’s a sophomore who is really been one of the bright spots in the SEC so far this year so I’m not taking anything away from him but his knock coming in to UK was was accuracy and that kid shredded Florida. I mean he had time to throw the football. Of course, he’s a mobile quarterback. So he moved the pocket around and was able to kind of create some space for himself and really just dissected that defense and that secondary. So you know Guarantano can move his feet around around a little bit. We saw a little bit of that in the UTEP game if he can kind of get in some passing lanes and see some some receivers clearly. I mean I think Tennessee is going to be able to move the football through the air against Florida.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:14:26] All right. Thanks for that. Second priority then.

Brad Shepard: [00:14:30] Second priority. I know that we talked the other night about about Felipe Franks and how he’s actually been better against the blitz but I’m never going to go into a game say it as he doesn’t need to pressure the quarterback. They’ve got to get more pressure on Franks than what they’ve done with the other quarterbacks. Yeah and make him make quick decisions because I just don’t think that he’s consistently going to be good at that. And Tennessee Florida Florida doesn’t have a lot of the game breaking receivers. They don’t have the Antonio Calloway on their team. They don’t have the Percy Harvin from the past. They’ve got good possession guys. Freddie Swain who Tennessee lead for for a long time in the recruiting process is probably Florida’s best receiver and he’s kind of I don’t want to say he’s a possession guy because he also returned last week for a touchdown but he’s not your game breaker player that you’re used to Florida having so you know I think that if Tennessee can to Frank he’s going to go to a safety valve a lot more. And you know Tennessee could make some plays on the back end if they’re if they’re fortunate. They do you know they kind of are the opportunistic team they were against ETSU Florida is by no means ETSU. But you do want to try to get Franks in a situation where he feels like he’s got to get rid of the ball quickly. And when that happens I don’t see him consistently being a good quarterback and then

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:15:55] I

Brad Shepard: [00:15:56] You know to me.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:15:57] I feel

Brad Shepard: [00:15:57] Yeah.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:15:58] I feel compelled to point out that Tyrie Cleveland looks like maybe he can get behind a defense and

Brad Shepard: [00:16:04] Yeah

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:04] Just

Brad Shepard: [00:16:05] She

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:05] Have just

Brad Shepard: [00:16:05] Does. But but but he’s inconsistent. He does. And you’re right I

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:11] He’s the

Brad Shepard: [00:16:11] Kind

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:11] Guy

Brad Shepard: [00:16:11] Of

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:11] That

Brad Shepard: [00:16:12] Glossed

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:12] Did it last

Brad Shepard: [00:16:12] Over

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:12] Year

Brad Shepard: [00:16:12] Cleveland.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:12] I had on the last play.

Brad Shepard: [00:16:14] Yeah. I mean

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:15] Ok.

Brad Shepard: [00:16:15] But but he’s he’s so yeah. I just kind of blocked that from my mind.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:20] Good for

Brad Shepard: [00:16:20] But

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:20] You.

Brad Shepard: [00:16:21] He got

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:21] That’s

Brad Shepard: [00:16:21] Behind that he got behind the Butch Jones defense. So I mean I’m not you know whatever but

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:16:25] Ok.

Brad Shepard: [00:16:26] But you know he’s he’s so inconsistent. I mean he’s he’s the kind of player that can be too sure. I mean you can but he’s not he’s not the blazer that’s going to go down there and be open five or six times downfield he’s just not that guy. And so you know I mean I feel I think Tennessee matches up fairly well with Florida’s receivers really especially when they’ve got their more athletic group out there. I may not I’m not on the Baylen Buchanan train by any stretch of the imagination but you know I wonder if Tennessee is so they’ve had two really good Bryce Thompson gangs in a row. Alontae Taylor even though he’s let receivers get behind him a couple times he’s shown some flashes. I’m not sure that this is not the game where they just put those kids out there because they’re the better athletes. I mean so we’ll see. I mean I’m not saying Buchanans not going to have a role in this game. Absolutely. But you know Tennessee is going I’m not sure that Tennessee’s going to blitz a ton. And so they’re going to try to get pressure with four or five and then you know kind to kind of lay back because I’m not sure that they feel like Florida can beat them passing the football. If Florida can more power to them but I’m not sure Florida can either. So that’s that’s going to be an encouraging or encouraging that’s going to be an interesting chess match to watch there. And then the third the third thing is really this is the most important thing we’re talking about my keys but you guys still need to read the column tomorrow.

Brad Shepard: [00:17:51] But but the most important thing is Tennessee absolutely has to get out to a quick start to a quick start. You score a touchdown early. That crowd that game at Neyland stadium that that 12th man kind of thing. I mean everybody’s going to be lathered up and excited and it’s going to be you know kind of hot. I mean it’s just going to be it’s all this just all of that kind of momentum. I mean that place is electrifying quickly especially in a game like that. So I mean if Tennessee. You know the crowd is going to be into it early. And if they keep the crowd into it you know Florida’s offense is bad and that offense already being bad is going to struggle to get any kind of rhythm going. If they can’t hear themselves think as we all know Neyland has that ability to get that loud and to stay that loud especially for a game that’s this important so I think it’s it’s very important for the fans to get their brand full voice and be ready and I think they will be because I think everybody realizes this this year is not going to be quote unquote special but this is a very important game to maximize the potential of this season. And I think that you’re going to hear that tomorrow I’m sorry Saturday not in Neyland Stadium

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:19:10] All right. So we do this guessing game on the website for the community on Fridays. So I got the questions here and I know you’re going to you’re going to field these cold so we won’t hold you

Brad Shepard: [00:19:23] Oh

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:19:23] To

Brad Shepard: [00:19:24] My

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:19:24] It. But just wanted your sorta off the cuff responses to these so the first question is which is greater Tennessee’s rushing yards or Florida’s passing yards.

Brad Shepard: [00:19:39] Oh well I would say Florida passing yards. Tennessee’s I think Tennessee established a run against UTEP established that they want to run the football and that they expect to run the football that they know they’re going to have to run the football to be to win these important games. I think Tennessee will do an ok job running the ball. But you know what’s an OK job against Florida. I mean you know I see Tennessee maybe rushing or you know 140 yards maybe. I mean if that’s if they I think if Tennessee rushes for 140 yards, 140 to 150 yards they win the football game and you know Florida. Even though Florida is not going to blow Tennessee out of the water passing the football you’ve got to think against that young secondary they’re going to go for more than that so I say Florida passing yards

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:20:32] All right. You know I think as I was researching this I’m pretty sure that I came across the fact that Charleston Southern ran for 222 yards on them and

Brad Shepard: [00:20:45] Oh my gosh.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:20:46] I know I looked at that and I fact checked it three times and I still think it’s wrong. I still think that I must have read it wrong because that sounds really high. So before it actually goes live tomorrow I’m going to check it again. But if that’s right then you know there is some promise there. So anyway

Brad Shepard: [00:21:05] Sure. Absolutely.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:21:06] It’s is probably wrong because you know it’s late it’s late on Wednesday night as we’re recording so you know and I’m old

Brad Shepard: [00:21:12] We’re going with it being right.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:21:14] There you go. All right. Next question who scored the first touchdown for the Vols. Ty Chandler, another running back, a wide receiver, or somebody else.

Brad Shepard: [00:21:25] Oh man. Whoscores the first touchdown for the Vols. Oh that’s a great question. So many options. I think Tennessee. I think Tennessee is going to hit a pretty big play early. I’m going to go with Marquez Callaway

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:21:43] All right a wide receiver I didn’t even make you choose a guy just anybody in the receiving corps except

Brad Shepard: [00:21:48] Yeah we’re going to go with the receiver

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:21:49] All

Brad Shepard: [00:21:49] And

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:21:49] Right.

Brad Shepard: [00:21:49] I’m going to go I’m going to be specific. I’m going to say Callaway on a deep ball from Guarantano.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:21:55] Right. You know Palmer’s

Brad Shepard: [00:21:56] Maybe not a

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:21:56] Been

Brad Shepard: [00:21:57] Ball but you know more

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:21:58] Because

Brad Shepard: [00:21:58] Than 15 yards

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:21:59] Palmer’s been getting the deep balls. Right. But

Brad Shepard: [00:22:02] Yeah.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:22:02] You

Brad Shepard: [00:22:02] Well

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:22:02] Know

Brad Shepard: [00:22:03] Both those guys yeah. I mean that’s that’s encouraging. Tennessee’s got a couple of deep threats.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:22:07] Yeah

Brad Shepard: [00:22:07] I think

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:22:08] I think when I

Brad Shepard: [00:22:09] Really

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:22:09] Answer this

Brad Shepard: [00:22:09] Like Palmer’s progression.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:22:11] Was the

Brad Shepard: [00:22:12] They are really like Palmer’s progression. David Johnson is the truth at wide receivers coach. He’s already getting more out of those guys than we’ve seen over the receiving corps since the Dooley days.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:22:24] Yup yup he’s good. Scuse me I think I’m going to go with another running back

Brad Shepard: [00:22:32] Who are

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:22:33] Just because it’s the field against Ty Chandler I guess so.

Brad Shepard: [00:22:38] You know I wanted to say Banks but I’m not you know I’m not sure Banks is going to get the ball after that fumble. I mean this kind of game he will some think he’s going to have a role but I like that pick. I think that Tennessee could give it to Madre down there at the goal line.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:22:52] Yeah. Or you know Jordan too.

Brad Shepard: [00:22:55] To

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:22:56] All

Brad Shepard: [00:22:56] Be

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:22:56] Right.

Brad Shepard: [00:22:56] Jordan tap dances a little too much for me around there but whatever

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:23:00] He does. Yeah they got after him for bouncing it outside too much too right. And that’s.

Brad Shepard: [00:23:06] Yeah man this is going to be this is going to sound terrible but I’m an offensive lineman. I mean dude run straight up my tail. That is what you need is a running back. Push me into the end zone like I’m blocking for you

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:23:19] That’s

Brad Shepard: [00:23:19] Run

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:23:19] Why

Brad Shepard: [00:23:19] Over me

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:23:20] That’s why I think that Banks started getting so many carriages because Jordan was down there against. I think it was ETSU. Yeah. And so he bounced something outside at the goal line he got yanked immediately yelled at and Banks went in there and ran it straight up the middle and got a touchdown. And then he did

Brad Shepard: [00:23:40] Absolute

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:23:40] It again on the next one. So yeah but that’s the great thing about competition is is it provides coaching and learning opportunities to your guys because I bet Jordan is going to learn that. So. All right. Third question who leads at halftime the Vols the Gators or nobody.

Brad Shepard: [00:24:00] I think Tennessee’s got to score early and keep that momentum to win the game and since I picked them to win the game I’m going to say Tennessee leads at halftime. I think they’re going to lead. You know I think it’s going to be a good little lead and you know Florida’s going to score early in the second half and kind of make it a football game. But I mean if I’m going to stick with my Tennessee prediction I say the Vols lead at the break.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:24:23] All right. Well we’re out of time. That’s Brad Shepard and that’s going to do it for the Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast. As always please subscribe. I said please please rate please review. Those things are are all nice for us and we like them very much. And you also get bonus points if you use the phrase does a duck pull a truck. Let’s use that one tonight. That worked. What was that there was two years ago.

Brad Shepard: [00:24:54] It was two years ago.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:24:55] All right. OK good. So for Brad Shepard I’m Joel Hollingsworth and this has been the Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast.

Brad Shepard: [00:25:13] Going to be fishing on Friday and a concert that night and so I’m not gonna be

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:25:17] Are you going to

Brad Shepard: [00:25:18] Out

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:25:18] See

Brad Shepard: [00:25:18] Of pocket.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:25:18] Taylor Swift

Brad Shepard: [00:25:18] So

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:25:18] Again.

Brad Shepard: [00:25:20] I’m not I’m going to send Jason Isbell in Asheville and John Moreland too. And that’s

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:25:27] In

Brad Shepard: [00:25:27] He’s

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:25:27] Asheville.

Brad Shepard: [00:25:28] He’s awesome

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:25:29] How long of a drive

Brad Shepard: [00:25:29] Asheville

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:25:30] Is that

Brad Shepard: [00:25:30] North

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:25:30] For

Brad Shepard: [00:25:30] Carolina.

Joel Hollingsworth: [00:25:30] You.

Brad Shepard: [00:25:32] It’s five hours.

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