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2020 Unit Rankings – Linebackers

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So far, here’s where the Vols’ units have ranked in the SEC heading into the 2020 season:

Today, we’ll look at the linebackers.

2020 SEC Linebacker Rankings

Additional comments

There’s not much to see here for Vols fans except to note that replacing Daniel Bituli and Darrell Taylor is probably Job One for the defense this season.

You may recall that we have Georgia’s defensive line ranked No. 1, too, adding fuel to our belief that as good as the Bulldogs’ defense was last year, it could be even better this year. It’s also interesting to note that Georgia’s sacks generally come from the ‘backers rather than the linemen.

Oh, and look. There’s Kentucky again.

Your thoughts

What do y’all think? Where did we get it right? Where are we wrong?

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1 year ago

I guess those rankings are pretty fair. surprised Kentucky is ranked that high and what do you mean there is Kentucky again. Our running backs are ranked number two according to you our offensive line should be higher. last year they set records for most rushing yards and rushing touchdowns in a season in school history. Lynn Bowden WR/QB led SEC in rushing and only ran the ball eight games going 6-2. they were a semifinalist for the Joe Moore Award goes to the nations top offensive line and led power 5 schools in rushing yards per game at nearly… Read more »