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Tennessee Vols vs. Indiana State Sycamores: game thread

Last Monday night, it was “Football Time in Tennessee,” but only kinda sorta because “Football Time for Tennessee in Georgia this week because we’re on the road to start the season” sounds like a Daniel Tiger song, cramming square peg words into round hole melodies. You’ll be singing it ALL DAY LONG, but it’s never going to make the Top 40.

But today, it’s actually all caps “FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE” for real, as the Vols host the Indiana State Sycamores in their home opener at Neyland Stadium this afternoon at 4:00 p.m.

The SEC Network has the broadcast, and David Neal, Matt Stinchcomb, and Dawn Davenport are the broadcast personalities.

This is your Gameday on Rocky Top game thread. If you haven’t signed up for the Guessing Game yet, you can do that here all the way through kickoff.

Go Vols!

Use your words and say how you feel below.


  1. Ah Gameday!

    Let’s get a big win, no injuries and plenty of reps for the younger guys.

    Go Vols!

  2. Please, no injuries. Please, no injuries. Please, no injuries. Please, no injuries. Please, no injuries. Please, no injuries. Please, no injuries. Please, no injuries. Please, no injuries. Please, no injuries. Please, no injuries. Please, no injuries. Please, no injuries. Please, no injuries.

  3. Don’t be surprised if Indiana State is able to run on us, their starting TB is a pretty darn good back… and their defense performed quite well against Eastern Illinois giving up just two touchdowns with one occurring with 3 seconds left in the game.

    I expect us to roll in this one but it might not be a 35-0 at halftime situation.

  4. No Tyler Byrd, Lattrell Williams, Evan Berry. Probably others. Let’s do this! Beat those sycamores! XP for our guys. No whammies.

  5. We elect to receive. House. it.

  6. JG on sidelines smiling with offense. 🙂

  7. Nice, Chandler! Only got touched once!

  8. Looks like the Jumper/McDowell combo in our base nickel set

  9. Guessing game jackpot right there baby.

  10. Oops. 4th down at the 50.

  11. Well that was not a good first offensive series…..

  12. Shamburger cost us field position.

  13. Missed another deep pass there for 6. Close.

  14. Dormady either too much adrenaline or just still working on the timing with Palmer. But that deep ball is there all day against this bunch.

  15. Yeah, that looked weird. Hope Eli is okay.

  16. Grabbed his knee. I don’t think it’s a hamstring. But the announcer sure does! Said it 3 times. Anyone else think the announcers don’t even watch the games?

  17. At least they got him off the field quickly

  18. Jakob Johnson!!! Haven’t seen him in about 3 years.

  19. Good drive. Also, Joel has me yelling “Chick-fii-A!” every time he gets the ball.

  20. I think Dormandy needs a few short throws to get going before we call for the long ball.

  21. Fils-Aime just bowled that dude backwards! Nice TD!

  22. I see Shy Tuttle. Did he play last week?

  23. Big drop there. 🙁

  24. Be interesting to see who plays the next series.

  25. So we have problems with our edge defense. Not looking like last week was a fluke.

  26. Well. Great play but not executed.

  27. Nice play call there by ISU

  28. What a block on the edge there for Kelly.

  29. Woohoo bonus points in the guessing game!!!!

  30. John Kelly. I love you.

  31. Looks like Fils- Amie is taking that #2 spot.

  32. It’s an FCS school, but that’s the McKenzie we’d like to see

  33. Thought Callaway was in the checkerboards there.

  34. No passes to Callaway this game?

  35. Dormady loves Brandon Johnson, it seems

  36. Brandon Johnson for six! Dormady going to him the whole way.

  37. Our rushing defense… Woof.

  38. Edge defense has been very very unimpressive.

  39. Ok, learn from that and NEVER let it happen again!

  40. Dormady doesn’t seem to be a fan of stepping up in the pocket

  41. There goes the shutout off the turnover. 🙁

  42. Don’t let JK get hurt in these reps, please.

  43. Nice pass to Jeff George. He finally brings one in!

  44. And INT in endzone. For some inexplicable reason, the guy brought it out of the endzone.

  45. Sheesh and I was prepared to say how good the drive was if they converted. Got to play smart til the end.

  46. CALLAWAY! All he does is TDs

  47. Nice way to come back and take care of business

  48. Indiana State is 0-10 on third down.

  49. Is that Sterl in the 3rd Down “music” at the beginning?

  50. FALL. ON IT. Our Ball. GOOD> GRACIOUS.

  51. I need to start staying off Twitter during games…

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