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Tennessee Vols vs. Florida Gators: online game-watching party

It’s here. Tennessee-Florida Gameday. It’s a why game, why the players play, the coaches coach, and the fans fill the stands. Vols. Gators. The SEC on CBS.

And it’s today.

We’re having an online game-watching party right here, and you’re invited.

P.S. There’s still time to submit your answers to this week’s Guessing Game questions.


  1. So I’m watching the Michigan-Florida game and I may regret what I’m fixing to say but I believe that our tailbacks are far better than Michigan’s and our QB has certainly looked better than theirs have. Michigan’s TBs run awfully high and seem to go down relatively easy compared to John Kelly and their QBs are very tentative and playing confused for most of the game.

    Granted Michigan’s defense is likely light-years better than ours at this point but I think our offense is capable of moving the ball consistently against Florida if we play smart and aggressive offensively.

  2. So an under-reported, underappreciated aspect of this game. For the first time in a long time, we aren’t going to have to put up with Verne Lundquist calling this game. I already feel better about it!

  3. Bituli is apparently starting in place of Jumper.

  4. Finally, a positive play on defense.

  5. If Justin Martin really is the best option we have at corner, that’s going to be a problem all year.

  6. welp, their weakness is beating our weakness pretty soundly right now

  7. go self destructive Florida!

  8. Good to force a field goal there. A long drive for a struggling offense with multiple converted third downs would not have started things off well. It still wasn’t good, but could have been worse.

  9. well, could’ve been worse. Holding them to a FG isn’t terrible

  10. 11 plays but only 60 yards. Kind of a meh drive for both teams.

  11. No Ty Chandler back there. Not that it matters; we’ll probably see touchbacks all day.

  12. wow, i don’t know why the declined either. but i’ll take it!

  13. Good to see Smith out there. Already making an impact.

  14. there we go! kelly laying the wood

  15. Dormady’s going to need to keep a time or two.

  16. nice pick up by Fils-Ame

  17. Great decision from Dormady… my biggest worry today was Dormady making bad decisions against DBs that will make you pay for throwing into double and triple coverage. But we’re going to have to establish the run game which will hopefully loosen up some as we continue to have success going downfield.

  18. there we go. Defense is hopefully settling in for the long haul now

  19. Great answer from the defense.

  20. Hey. Remember when we had Hurd and Kamara in the backfield at the same time?

  21. nice escape speed by Chandler

  22. Not a fan of the playcalling so far.

  23. That was kind of a scary punt reception.

  24. Offensive line is getting beat.

  25. Dormady is not making the greatest decisions of late. and his throws have been just enough off

  26. and now a botched punt :'(

  27. Not a good decision to throw that ball. And an awful punt to follow it up. Don’t like this trajectory!

  28. I’m worried our corners are just bad. And that’s a much bigger issue when you’re not playing Felipe Franks the rest of the year.

  29. 7 rushing yards in the first 20 minutes is a BIG problem.

  30. Just joining. Over from RTT (formerly CLTvol). Go Vols!

  31. ugh, that keeper was not even close to worth it

  32. Our O Line basically just waits for the snap and then falls down.

  33. Chandler! great run after catch

  34. Nice pick-up by Chandler. He’s proving his worth.

  35. Kelly’s gotta be frustrated.

  36. Kelly keeping upright for a couple more yards

  37. Surprised how much were struggling to run the ball!

  38. Wow! Memphis beat UCLA!

  39. He was offsides on the previous play too

  40. that was actually impressive by Dormady to keep that alive. and offsides helps

  41. WHY did we run that play out of shotgun?!?!?

  42. i really don’t like that call…but great effort by Kelly to get it

  43. where was that throw going?

  44. Why do we always save our ugliest game for Florida?

  45. Dormady throwing off his back foot…but little pressure this time

  46. Smith is mad and has right to be

  47. Ok, so this is the type of game where we get to be happy about 51-yard field goals in the 2nd quarter.

  48. Curious to see if they bring out Medley for an under-40 kick, because Cimaglia buried that one from 51.

  49. ugh, letting them out again

  50. Frustrating game, but winnable.

    Wonder whether the team playing on emotion will run out of that fuel in the second half.

  51. well, we get it to start the half at least.

    maybe that last run from Kelly has convinced them to feed him more in the 2nd half

  52. We’re playing pretty darn good as I see it. But what can I say, I’m a bit of an optimist.

    One big play guys, we’ll thrive if Kelly or Callaway are able to break one otherwise we will be relying on Florida turnovers and field goals… which doesn’t bode particularly well for us.

    • Yeah, it’s been weird. At times, I’ve felt like we were clearly the better team despite being behind. At others, I felt like they were better despite not scoring any more points. Basically, it’s just one of those back and forth games. Need to get even on the turnover battle.

      • We have been getting pressure on the QB and keeping the ball in front of us so I can’t complain about the defense in this game, but it would definitely be nice if Feleipe Franks made some bad decisions in the second half. Or if we could get some backside sacks.

    • Definitely agree that one big play could end up being the difference in the game. Staying optimistic it’s going to be on our side!

  53. So what in the world is going on in Columbia, Missouri? 28-0 Purdue? Wasn’t the EDSBS meme that they were [redacted] rather than Purdue?

    Don’t get beaten by [redacted]… and definitely don’t get your doors blown off.

  54. All of our rushing plays seem to develop SO slowly.

  55. 3 & Out….just the start needed for the offense

  56. Gary and Brent commenting on how the play isn’t great…

  57. there we go. keep feeding Kelly and be rewarded

  58. OL did a thing! Kelly finding a rhythm!

  59. conversion!

    let’s finish this off!

  60. Another one of those low-percentage plays up the middle.

  61. aaaaaaah, that’s killer 🙁

  62. Dormady’s hurt and coming out.

  63. Palmer! gotta pull that in!

  64. I can’t even deal with this need-6-inches-dial-up-shotgun strategy.


  66. ridiculously terrible play calling

  67. People bitch about playcalling constantly. But in about a million years of being a Tennessee fan, I can’t remember it ever being worse than it is today.

  68. That was a terrible series. Need to shake it off and get another chance at it. They moved the ball down there, they can do it again.

  69. i’m just going to pray for just as terrible play calling by the Florida offense allowing our Defense to get a safety.

    one can dream right?

  70. Just line up over the ball on 1st down, please. Just try

  71. Kelly must be absolutely beside himself

  72. hey look! the announcers know what should have happened!

  73. Going to have good field position. Need to make good on it this time.

  74. That was a dumb playcall too. Pick-six territory.

  75. time to shake it off Dormady. And coaches need to remember who’s the beast in the backfield for short yardage

  76. Big response again from the D

  77. Who’s #44? I get that old Chuck Webb tingle when I see that number in the backfield.

  78. I miss the days when we could line up and blow people off the ball.

  79. once again….3rd and short and no run…stupid

  80. Frustrating again. But keep knocking.

  81. and pushed….

    that’s not the Florida defense, it’s the bad play calling

  82. Our own mistakes are doing us in… can’t believe we aren’t even attempting to run it in short down and distance. What is that, seven straight passes inside the Florida 35?

  83. You have to think eventually we can finish a drive.

  84. I think I might’ve just emotionally checked out of this one. Time to multi-task and get something done around the house.

  85. Dude got five yards after our guy grabbed him.

  86. Now we run inside our own 10!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    U N B E L I E V A B L E!!!

  87. Maybe we need to give Larry Scott a chart.

  88. Why can’t we get some kick A play caller ever?

  89. Awful awful awful awful awful

  90. christ…and that’s game

  91. Same old thing. Year after year after year. Maybe we should try JG. Can’t get any worse can it?

  92. We’ve lost nearly half a yard per play since we got the ball down to the one.

  93. But it’s not over yet, folks.

  94. I can’t stand Gary Daniels. Why didn’t he go when Vern went?

  95. My goodness. Three missed field goals.

  96. we have such great kickers

  97. Checking back in to make sure everybdoy noticed that awesome QB keeper on 3rd down.

  98. 4 downs every series from now on. Kickers shouldn’t touch the field unless it’s for an xp or kickoff.

  99. This is pathetic… at this rate we’re going to nearly double up Florida in yardage and lose by double digits.

  100. You just can’t do the two kickers thing.

  101. ok…..i take back everything bad said about Martin because that was a brilliant save by him

  102. Dear Lord. Don’t give me hope if there is no hope. Amen

  103. John Kelly is a freaking man!!!

  104. Amazing. All of the DBs were chasing.

  105. Dormady trying to end it with a bad throw away

  106. I love how our RB’s look to hit someone.

  107. we need to get the ball to all of our tailbacks more

  108. John freakin kelly!!!!!!

  109. KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Friggin run game. Imagine that!!!

  111. This is getting ready to be about who won the off-season conditioning battle.

  112. Let’s get a stop, guys. A three and out would be pretty splendid with their spent defense.

  113. and then we have a special teams collapse

  114. let’s go D! get another stop!

  115. ooooooohhhhhh that was too close

  116. TD and it’s done. Gotta keep an to a FG.

  117. defense has returned to it’s earlier form 🙁

  118. What the hell were those two guys wearing?
    That’s gonna be a screenshot on every single football blog for the next ten years.

  119. Tough to come back from that without a dependable passing attack.

  120. Well, I certainly don’t expect a comeback now… but it’s a long season and this Florida team really shouldn’t frighten anyone right now. Of course, neither should we.

  121. Is anyone else a little bit frustrated with the philosophy of switching out tailbacks every other play even if one has a very hot hand?

  122. I will say, given our history with Florida, that it seems very fitting for us to score here and hit a game tying field goal as time expires after missing three prior field goals.

  123. WOLF!!!

    where has this offense been all game?!?!

  124. Need a stop and then run the ball.

  125. I’m too afraid to even get excited. So…….. wwwoooollllffff. Little letters no exclamations.

  126. Still don’t want to get excited but……..WOOOOOOOO. PLEASE!!!!!

  127. move those chains!


  128. Jones! back to back false starts!

  129. I think Kelly may be getting tired. He’s been a work horse so far today.

  130. oh we needed that penalty to reset it

  131. oh Kelly! woulda been a TD

  132. They didn’t learn a thing from the last time they were down here. They got here with the stinking run game and they don’t even use it. If they lose this is all on coaching. Every bit of it.

  133. i’m ok with a pass attempt on 1st down. but should’ve gone run after that

  134. I just dont understand. Their D is wirn out. Calling TO to rest and we throw 3 times. I’m just baffled.

  135. but at least we have it tied…get it to OT and then it’s up in the air, with a slight edge for us

  136. I’m not upset. 4:30 ago it looked like we were done for. I do wish we would have tried a run or two in the ten.

  137. No hold there on Kongbo?

  138. that WR they circled up top was lined up offsides too

  139. Coaching. All coaching. I just lost any faith I had in this staff.

  140. welp….of course they get more bulls* to win

  141. The only coach I believe in is Gillespie. Best coach on the staff.

  142. I just have no words. Don’t know how you’re even going to be able to write about this one Joel and Will

  143. Once again I think the better team lost. 4 out of 5 years now?

  144. Well I don’t understand. Last possession is 1st and goal on the ten with a minute to go and three timeouts. Just run each play. Even if you don’t get in you can milk the clock and have the field goal be the final play forcing OT.

    Still got to say as for the secondary they have to keep their man in front of them. If the receiver gets behind and the QB can release it’s over every time.

  145. Well, Dooley taught me to get over losses quickly otherwise I’d be pissed off for the next two decades from his coaching alone.

    One final note, seeing both safeties give up the deep zone after Feleipe Franks broke contain was frustrating… the QB is not going to run it in from their Florida 35 but nothing to do about it now.

    Time to do something away from football for the rest of the afternoon in order to avoid the eleventy-billion replays of the busted deep ball. It was not a hail mary despite what the announcers might say, it was just a great pass against busted coverage.

  146. bright side, i got all 3 of the guess questions right

    silver linings or something :/

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