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SEC regular season championship TV channel, tip times, and online game-watching party

As Will has already mentioned this morning, there’s a lot of really good basketball today. Most importantly to Vols fans, of course, is the two-team race between Tennessee and Auburn for the SEC regular-season championship. If both teams win or both teams lose, they are co-champs, but either team can have the banner to itself by winning with the other losing. Auburn hosts South Carolina at 3:30, and Tennessee hosts Georgia at 6:00.

Will posted the Vols game preview yesterday, and you can hear him talking about it on the radio right here:

If you’re looking for an Auburn-South Carolina preview, check out College and Magnolia for the Auburn perspective and Garnet and Black Attack for the South Carolina perspective.

This will be our game thread for both games.

Auburn-South Carolina


Go Gamecocks!

Go Vols!



  1. Emotions early in this one. Hope our guys can keep their heads early in ours.

  2. Auburn just out hustling SC.

  3. 12 turnovers for USC and 5 for Auburn. Other than that USC is winning in almost every other category.

  4. Looks like a new game in the second half.

  5. Oof. Silva got rocked on that play.

  6. That last foul seemed questionable. Still, Silva in foul trouble this early is gonna make things tough.

  7. Any chance they dump all the confetti early and have to forfeit for not having appropriate court conditions in time? lol..

  8. Heh. That’s the first time I’ve seen a technical foul for premature confetti.

  9. Back to two possessions. Still a chance.

  10. Well nothing has changed. We still win a championship with a win tonight. We’re built better for an SEC run so the seeding won’t matter.

  11. By the way I see that MSU and Kansas either lost or getting killed right now. Reckon our No. 2 seed chances will improve after a win tonight?

  12. Daniel gets the start on Senior Day. Nice.

  13. Tough sledding down low. For both Williams and Schofield. Admiral’s outside game should come in handy.

  14. Good thing Williams went hard with two hands there. Got it to go in despite a hard foul.

  15. Foul trouble for both Williams and Schofield? Who’s stepping up?

  16. What in the world? The monitor for the third time this half? Crutch.

  17. Refs have put the sell-out crowd to sleep.

  18. The game plan says make GA beat you by shooting the outside shot. What does GA do? Goes 5-9 from three. :/

  19. Vols down 10 with 2:20 to go in the half. Not much going right for Tennessee right now.

  20. Are they over 60% from three?

  21. The line was -9 anyway, so we’re good.

  22. Rick Barnes is going to have a meeting with the officials during this time out.

  23. Twitter says TB is as loud as it’s been this season.


  25. The crowd getting into it is making such a difference in this game

  26. I have loved this aggressive Admiral over the last few games.

  27. Oh, boy. Grant fouling a three-point shot and picking up his fourth foul with four minutes to go is bad news.

  28. Inadvertent foul for Grant Williams for being on the floor and getting fallen on.

  29. Admiral taking the game over!!!

  30. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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