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Gameday on Rocky Top Podcast – Episode 166 – SEC projected records and standings for 2020

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In this episode, Will and I go almost game-by-game through the 2020 SEC schedule to arrive at the projected record and league standing for each SEC team.


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1 year ago

enjoyed your comments about the 2020 season. Texas A&M and South Carolina are overrated every season. Missouri will not be 7-5 Kentucky has beaten them five times in a row. conveninently leave out Kentucky guess you do not like Stoops or BBN so will they go 0-12 huh? like a tweet said being underestimated is the gift that keeps on giving for Kentucky football coach Mark Stoops he is counted out every season. one stat the last four seasons Kentucky is third in wins in SEC East Georgia 44, Florida 34, Kentucky 32, South Carolina/Tennessee 26, Missouri and Vanderbilt. also… Read more »